2021 Horseshoe Canada Canadian Championships Cancelled

Horseshoe Canada Members,

On Sunday evening the Horseshoe Canada Executive met with Tom Gallina, who represented the Host Club from Guelph, Ontario. The meeting purpose was to discuss the 2021 Canadian Championships and whether they would move forward.

The outcome of the meeting is that the 2021 Canadian Championships will be cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. The Province of Ontario has been hard hit in the last few weeks, other Provinces are restricting travel and it has been difficult for the Host Group to do fundraising as the Legion in Guelph has been closed for the most of the past year.

The Executive and the Host Club have made this decision in order to keep you our members save and to ensure that the Canadian Championships are accessible to all Canadian pitchers and provide an experience to remember.

I know this is a tough, having lost our on our premier tournament again this year. This decision was not taken lightly but we must keep in mind safety and access to the tournament.

The 2022 Canadian Championships are slated for High Prairie, Alberta and the 2023 Canadian Championships are slated for Guelph, Ontario.

Where do we go from here?

First, Tom Moffat will be running the weekly Canada 21 Series, a weekly online tournament of 7 – 20 shoe games, with the first one starting May 3-9. We will post more details here and on Horseshoe Canada Social Media.

Second, The Horseshoe Canada Backyard Championships will be held again this year, with the tournament taking place in late August and early September. We will be building on last year event, so stay tuned for more details.

Third, Horseshoe Canada is not shut down. As an organization, we are still sanctioning tournament, recording stats and here to help Provincial organizations and the pitchers of Canada. We encourage you to renew your 2021 memberships (you will need this to compete in the Canada 21 Series as well as the Horseshoe Canada Backyard Championships. Maintaining membership is the key for future success, so please renew your membership.

Horseshoe Canada is here to assist any Province that would be able to host their Provincial Championships in 2021. We, in New Brunswick, were fortunate enough to host our 2020 Provincials and I am hoping that other Provinces can at least host a Provincial Tournament.

Once again, our summer will not a normal one, however do not let it keep you from the pits, whether they are your backyard pits, your Club or League pits.

In closing, please feel free to reach out to me, jrideout.tp@gmail.com or via Facebook or give me a call if you have any concerns, issues or ideas. The Executive are also accessible and I encourage communication with your Provincial organizations.


Jason Rideout


Horseshoe Canada

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