History of Horseshoe Pitching in Canada

This book is the fruit of many years of research initiated by Edward H. Murray, Editor of the Canadian Horseshoe Pitchers Yearbook from 1976 to 1986, and completed by Andre Leclerc, current Editor of the Yearbook and Horseshoe Canada Historian. The history book is produced by Horseshoe Canada Association.

The fabulous History of Horseshoe Pitching in Canada
is told through more than 322 pages and 200 pictures!

It tells about the first traces of the game in Canada. The first clubs and organizations. The first Canadian championships in 1927 and all the ones that followed up until 2000. Every participant we found is included (around 7000 names!). It includes a separate section about women’s horseshoe pitching. And one about each province where the champions are listed but also the old championship reports (prior to 1976). You’ll find all kinds of stats, player and volunteer profiles… You’ll even find the performances of our Canadians in major events such as the World Tournament, Greenville Classic and Eastern National. A great tribute to the pitchers and volunteers that have made the History of Horseshoe Pitching in Canada!


The format is 8,5 X 11. The History of Horseshoe Pitching in Canada (ISBN 0-9689464-0-2) could be ordered at $30 per copy by filling the form available in PDF format. But it’s now out of order.