Horseshoe Canada - Annual general Meeting
July 13, 2004 - Christian School, Glanford Park • Victoria B.C.

Resume (by André Leclerc) of the minutes prepared by Kay McKay, secretary of 2004 AGM

Meeting called to order by chairman Jack E. Adams.

Introduction of Delegates Present:
Fred ORMISTON, B.C.          Earle GILLARD, B.C.
Dave Kilbourn, Alberta       Winnona Kilbourn, Alberta
Tammy CHRISTENSEN, Sask.     Charolette DEMMANS, Sask.
John JANSEN, Ont.            Heather MORRISON, Ont.
Lyne PINEAULT, Quebec	
Larry Lynch, N.B.            Lorraine LYNCH, N.B

Other Officials Present:
Jack E. ADAMS, Sask. (Pres.)   Kay McKAY, Alberta (Secr.)
Kathy JOHNSON, Sask. (Treas)   Jack ADAMS, Sask. (Comm. ch..)
Dianne BECK, Alberta (T. Dir.)

A moment of silence was observed for those who have passed on.  

Presentation of the agenda
Accepted (as altered) by T. Christensen, seconded by D. Kilbourn

Minutes of last annual meeting
2003 Minutes approved as corrected (D. Kilbourn & L. Lynch)

Business arising from minutes

Auditor’s Report - James H. Stinn
Report presented by Jack E. Adams.  Copies were circulated.  
Some provinces have not paid their allocation.
Moved by Winnona Kilbourn seconded by Lyne Pineault this report be accepted.  

Treasurer’s Report - Kathy Johnson
Kathy reported 188 adult players paid entry fee and GVHPA added $14000.  
Total $37000 of which $20000 goes to prizes and $7000 to other expenses 
for a balance of $10000.  Larry Lynch moved acceptance of treasurer’s report, 
seconded by Charolette Demmans.

Letters were written by Jack E. Adams to Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association
and Canadian Home Income Plan for possible sponsorship.

Tournament Director's report -  Dianne Beck
This year we have 16 juniors - 8 girls and 8 boys.  
This is the most juniors in many years.  Six adult players withdrew.  
Crests will be downsized.

NHPA - Jack Adams 
reported the tournment in Pocatello, Idaho, July 26 to August 7 has 41 Canadian 
competitors this year.  Rules are on the agenda this year.  Sylvianne Moisan, Qc, 
will be inducted into the NHPA Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame - Jack Adams
Jack Adams reported Don Griffith is the outstanding organizer, builder/player to 
be inducted into the Hall Of Fame for 2004.  Don passed away June 26 but was aware 
he was to receive this honor.  The 2005 category is  Outstanding female player. 
Nominations with resume should be sent to Jack Adams by April 30, 2005.

Rules and Regulations - Jack Adams 
No changes as the meeting is after the Canadians.

Progress on 2005 Canadian Championships -  Halifax, N.S.
To be held at Exhibition Park, Halifax.  Annual General Meeting at Exhibition Park 
on August 9, 2005.  Information booklets were distributed to delegates.  
Competition will be from August 10 to 13, 2005.  The 2006 Canadian Championships will 
be held in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.

National coaching - Tammy Christensen
Tammy handed out booklets on the UPDATE changes to the NCCP training and 
certification of coaches.  For more info contact Tammy.

CanStats  report -
No report.

Public relations -  Jean Markle 
Some people have pins that have not sent in the money.  2004 pin not completed yet.  
Several offers to design pins were received at the meeting.

President’s report -  Jack E. Adams
Jack E. Adams presented a budget for 2005 and 2006.  
Moved by Charolette Demmans seconded by Winnona Kilbourn the budget be 
accepted as presented.  Carried

Business arising from correspondance and reports

Banking:   Be it resolved that Horseshoe Canada open an account with 
ING Direct Canada and deposit and withdraw funds as the treasurer deems 
necessary (moved by Charolette Demmans seconded by Tammy Christensen).  

Be it resolved that Horseshoe Canada donate $100 in memory of a Hall of Fame member 
who has passed away (moved by Tammy Christensen seconded by Charolette Demmans).  
Motion by Larry Lynch, seconded by Winnona Kilbourn, we pay this for 
Dean McLaughlin and Don Griffith who passed away in 2004.    

Moved by Dave Kilbourn, seconded by Fred Ormiston, that upon notification to 
the president, that the treasurer be instructed within 30 days to make such payment.    

Moved by Tammy Christensen, seconded by Winnona Kilbourn, when a Hall of Fame member 
is inducted posthumously, we will donate, in memory at the time of induction.    

Moved by Heather Morrison, seconded by Earle Gillard, that junior winners of 
championship classes receive a travel reimbursement as in incentive to enter the 
Canadian Championships.
Amendment:  Juniors be reimbursed in class as to where each finished in the top half.  
Motion tabled to 2005 (moved by David Kilbourn, seconded by Winnona Kilbourn).  

Unfinished business
Be It Resolved That:  Starting  in 2005 the Canadian Championship guidelines 
be amended so that:
  a) Non-Championship classes be 40 shoe games.
  b) Non-Championship classes will play in groups of 8 players, double round robin.
(moved  by  Jack  E.  Adams and seconded by Andre Leclerc).
2004 vote:  8 in favor, 4 opposed, 2 abstained.   Carried

Canadian Championships bids
2005  Halifax, Nova Scotia
2006  Manitou Beach, Sask  (hosted by Sask. and Man.)
2007  Ontario considering

Election of directors:
Vice-President (2 years) Lyne Pineault seconded by John Jansen nominated Andre Leclerc.  
No other nominations.  Andre Leclerc elected vice-president.

Tournament Director (2 years) Lorraine Lynch nominated Dianne Beck.  
Dianne Beck elected Tournament Director (other nominee, Lorraine Lynch, declined).

Secretary (2 years)  Larry Lynch, seconded by Winnona Kilbourn, nominated Kay McKay.  
No other nominations.  Kay McKay elected Secretary.

Auditor (1 year)  Dave Kilbourn, seconded by Earle Gillard, nominated Jim Stinn 
as auditor for the current fiscal year.  Carried

Appointments by the President:

a.  National Award Committee Chairman   Dorothy Butts
b.  N.H.P.A. representative             Jack Adams
c.  Rules and Regulations               Jack Adams
d.  Hall Of Fame Chairman               Jack Adams
e.  Canstats                            Sam Tomasevic
f.  Yearbook Editor                     Andre Leclerc
g.  Coaching                            Al Springall (Ont.)
                                        Tammy Christenssen (West)
                                        Larry Lynch (Maritimes)

Information about 2004 Canadians: Dorothy Butts gave the delegates an 
explanation of the parade and opening ceremonies to take place Wednesday morning 
at 8:30am at the courts.  She also informed us a meet and greet will be held at 
the club house this evening.  There will be breakfast and lunch each day.  
There will be special suppers every night, with tickets on sale each day.  
Tickets for the banquet are $25 which includes bus transportation to the “Princess Mary” 
with entertainment at the courts after the banquet and presentations, also each night.

Motion of adjourment by Winnona Kilbourn and Charolette Demmans.