The annual general meeting of Horseshoe Canada was called to order at 1:30 p.m. at Prospect Park, Halifax  August 9, 2005.


1. DELEGATES were:

B.C.  :            Dorothy and Gordon Butts, Sooke B.C. (

Ont. :   Jean Markle, Hamilton, Ont. (

Lia Snell, Exeter, Ont.

Ab :      Gail Steinke, Sexsmith, Ab

Ron Pudwell, Red Deer, Ab.

NB :             Lorraine & Larry Lynch, Saint John, N.B.

Qc :      Paul Carroll, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

NS :     Clark Brown, Halifax, N.S.

Cecil Mitchell, Hatchett Lake, N.S.

Man : Phil Ironstand, Shortdale, Man.

Sharon Cloud, Shortdale, Man. (

Sk :             Charolette Demmans,Watrous, Sask. (

Dale Squires, Saskatoon, Sask.


President:            Jack E. Adams, Saskatoon, Sk. (

Vice-Pres & Yearbook editor: Andre Leclerc, L'Epiphanie, Qc. (

Past-Pres :             George Barton, Saint John, N.B.

Secretary:             Kay McKay, Brooks Ab. (

Treasurer:            Kathy Johnson, Saskatoon Sk (

Public Relations:            Jean Markle   (address above)

Comm. & Hall of Fame Chair - Jack Adams, Saskatoon, Sask.

CANSTATS:            Sam Tomasevic, Burnaby BC. (

Coach: West  Tammy Christensen, Regina Sask. (

Maritimes:  Larry Lynch, Saint John, N.B. (

Ont.: Andy Kutsch, Kitchener

Tournament Director:  Dianne Beck, Calgary, Ab. (


2.A moment of silence was observed for the horseshoe players that have passed on.


3. The agenda was presented for additions. Moved by Larry Lynch, seconded by Charolette Demmans we accept the agenda. Carried.


4. Minutes of the 2004 meeting were read and adopted as corrected. in a motion by Paul Carroll, seconded by Dorothy Butts.  Carried.


5. Business Arising from the Minutes    George Barton pointed out the 8-man 40 shoe games were to be implemented this year and the schedule does not show this.

6. The Auditor's report prepared by James  H. Stinn was read by Jack E. Adams, Moved by Dale Squires, seconded  by  Dorothy Butts this report be accepted. Carried.


7. The treasurer's report was given by Kathy Johnson, treasurer. Moved by Lorraine Lynch we accept this report. Seconded by Cecil Mitchell.  Carried.


8. Correspondence  A letter from Annie Rayner requested clarification on the junior program funding of competitors.  A letter  was received from Woodstock Ont. with a 2007 bid for the Championships. A letter was received from Theresa Klachan with a  bid for the 2009 Championships.    


9. REPORTS  The tournament director's report was read by Lorraine Lynch (enclosed)

NHPA  report given by Andre Leclerc, who attended the meeting. 824 entries in Bakersfield Ca.  15 Canadians.Alan Francis won his 11th title including a perfect game against Buddy Dyrda B.C.who finished 17 his first year in adults. Andre Leclerc 5th and Stan Leis had to withdraw. In Ladies, Sylvianne Moisan was 3rd, Elyse Brunelle was 21st..Angeline Moisan is again Sr Women champ, winning all her games. In juniors, Drew Becker was 3rd. The youngest player was 5 1/2  and oldest 89. Temp. 105F to 110F.   2006 - Gillette, Wy  July 10 - 22.:  2007 Ardmore Ok, July 23 - Aug. 4.  2008 Decatur, Alabama.  Rules are being rewritten into Rules, Guidelines and Specifications, Hall of Fame being moved to St. Louis area.   Reinhard Backer and Jesse Gonzales inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Rules and Regulations  Jack Adams.  No Change.

Yearbook  - Andre Leclerc. 185 books were printed, not all sold. President thanked Andre for his excellent work and dedication to the yearbook.

Coaching  Tammy Christensen (west) report was read by Larry Lynch.

Hall of Fame by Jack Adams.  This year, outstanding lady player. Inductee at the banquet will be Sheila McGrath-Leis.  Next year Outstanding Male Player.

Progress 2006 Championships Manitou Beach, Sk. July 26-29 (Meeting July 25)

CANSTATS  Report attached.   

Public Relations Jean Markle reported all pins are paid for that are out. Need a 2003 pin. Jean will sell yearbooks for Nova Scotia at the table. She brought some back issues.

National Awards  Dorothy Butts   Needs help to get it going.   Calling a meeting.

President  Jack E. Adams  Encourage juniors, emphasizing the social aspect of belonging to your club. .


10 Business arising from reports  Canstats report..--If a player has not played in three tournaments before the Canadians  he/she must pitch 150 shoes, (three 50 shoe games) for each tournament needed and have the score kept by a reliable person. The results are sent to your provincial statistician who will forward them to Canstats. (Canadian Rules page 11 Sec. B para 2 )


11 Unfinished business  Tabled motion from 2004. Motion that junior winners of championship classes receive travel reimbursement as an incentive to enter the Canadian Championships. (Amendment Juniors be reimbursed in class as to where each finished in the top half. Carried.).  Discussion Who shall pay? Motion defeated.


12   Resolutions

1. Moved by Tom Hawkins seconded by  Dorothy Butts Proposed amendments to Canadian Hall of  Fame criteria   1. That a separate Hall of  Fame category be established known as " Female Organizer/Administrator"  Reason Since 1988 only one lady has been elected  in the male/female category, namely Sharon Ellison in 1995. Many nominees would be eligible across Canada in the new division. The same order of selection could be maintained with separate Female and Male ballots in the same year.   Carried.

2. That should a nominee for one of the categories be related to a Hall of Fame Committee Member ( a voting member) his/her ballot be voided from the tabulation of votes. This is to be done each time it occurs.   Reason  It is unfair to the other nominees to have the committee member cast his/her maximum vote for him/herself or a family member.  Alternately an extra voting delegate could be appointed or elected to fill the void on these particular years.  Defeated.

3. That after three unsuccessful entries on the ballot, the nominee's name be dropped from the list with the provision that he/she may be re-nominated. (Clarification once dropped must be off one year then   three years later they would be on the ballot again.  Carried.

2  Moved by Dianne Beck seconded by Kay McKay that plaque type trophies for the eight Championship classes be made and that a box also be made to hold them for easy shipping.    Reason The trophies that we have now are too big and too expensive to send to the Canadians each year.  A motion was passed  a few years ago that the trophies be kept in Calgary and not sent to the tournament each year because of the cost. If there was only one box to send each year it would be much less costly to do so and then the champions could have their  photos taken with the plaque  at the banquet as was done in previous years.  Tabled until next year.


13 Canadian Championship bids  2006 Manitou Beach  2007 Woodstock, Ont. 2008.......   2009 a bid was received from Aylmer Ont.


14. Question put forward   What insurance does do provinces have and cost? B.C. $1200 per year - medical- no alcohol. Victoria  $ 1000. covered all expenses, based on 800 members.  New Brunswick -- Sport N.B pays $2,00 per member. Saskatchewan $800.  Nova Scotia $ 750. paid by the Association. $2000000 liability.


15 Election of  Directors   President (2 years)  Jean Markle nominated Jack E. Adams Moved by Charolette Demmans seconded by Dale Squires nominations cease. Carried

Jack E. Adams,  President.    Treasurer (2 years)  Kathy Johnson nominated by Jean Markle.Moved by Larry Lynch seconded by Lorraine Lynch nominations cease. Carried.  

Kathy Johnson, Treasurer. Public Relations (2 years)  Jean Markle nominated by Charolette Demmans. Moved by Gail Steinke seconded by Ron Pudwell nominations cease. Carried. 

Jean Markle, Public Relations.  Auditor  (1 year) Moved by Charolette Demmans Jim Stinn be our auditor, seconded by Jean Markle. Carried.

Jim Stinn, Auditor.

Cecil Mitchell  announced break-down of activities --$ 8000 purse added. Meals daily in cafeteria.  Junior activites Friday. Info table, silent auction daily. Banquet tickets  at Jean's table. Shuttle rides available.


Meeting adjournment  Charolette  Demmans    Cecil Mitchell