The annual general meeting of Horseshoe Canada was called to order at 1:00 p.m., July 25, 2006 at the Community Hall, Manitou Beach, Sask. by President, Jack E. Adams who welcomed all present.


1. DELEGATES were:

 B.C.:  Vince Herkel & Guy Chaisson

 Ont.: Jean Markle & Lia Snell

 Alb. : Mary Holley & David Kilbourn

 Qué.:  André Leclerc

 N.S.: Duncan McKenzie

 Man.: Shirley Ann Fisher

 Sask.: Charolette Demmans &  Tammy Christensen


  President Jack E. Adams

  Vice-Pres.:  Tony Rondow (past V.P.: Andre Leclerc)

  Secretary  Lia Snell  (past Secr.: Kay McKay)

  Treasurer  Kathy Johnson

  Public Relations  Jean Markle

  Yearbook Editor  André Leclerc

  Hall of Fame  Jack Adams

  CANSTATS  Sam Tomasevic (absent)

  Coach: West  Tammy Christensen

(absent: Larry Lynch, Maritimes & Andy Kutsch, Ont.)

  Tournament Director: Dianne Beck


Others attending: Ont. Stan, Sheila, Walter & Lucille Leis, John Snell, Wally Arnold, Larry Markle; B.C. Herb& Ida Boschman. A Radowits, Dan Coffin; Alb. Henry&Yvonne Veldhuis, Myrna Kissick, Winnona Kilbourn, T. Haynes, Sask.: Don Adams.



2.A moment of silence was observed for the horseshoe players that have passed on, followed by a tribute to Duke Procter, Aug. 18, 1899 - Dec.14 2005 ---pitched horseshoes to age 105.

3. The agenda was presented. .Moved by Tammy Christensen , seconded by David Kilbourn  we accept the agenda. Carried.

4. Minutes of the 2005 meeting were read  by the secretary.

5. Minutes were  adopted as read  by Jean Markle, seconded by Charolette Demmans.  Carried.

6. The auditor's report was given by Jack E. Adams. Moved by Duncan McKenzie seconded by Vince Herkel this report be accepted. Carried. 

7. Treasurer's report was given by Kathy Johnson. Moved by Andre`Leclerc we accept this report.. Seconded by Shirley Ann Fisher. Carried.

8. Correspondence --  Alberta submitted a bid for 2008. A letter from Cec Mitchell  listed the new executive for Nova Scotia for 2007.



Tournament Director  Dianne Beck gave her report (Tourn. dir. report attached)   She also brought to the attention of the delegates that some decision must be made about the Sr. Ladies and Sr 40' Men divisions. The percentage difference is so great they cannot all go in the same class. and there are not enough to make multiple classes.

NHPA report was given by Andre Leclerc, who attended the meeting. 904 entries in  Gillette Wy.   33 Canadians. Alan Francis won his 12th title. Colin Finnie 6th.  Stan Leis 12th, Duncan McKenzie 13th  In Ladies, Joan Elmore won, Sylvianne Moisan was 2nd, Lucy Turcotte 11th. Lucille Leis won the Sr. Ladies, Angeline Moisan was 3rd.  In juniors, Drew Becker  lost in a playoff so was 2nd.  2007 Ardmore Ok, July 23 - Aug. 4.  2008 Decatur, Alabama. 40 charters decreased in membershjp, 15 increased.

Rules have been rewritten into Rules, Guidelines and Specifications.

Rules and Regulations  Jack Adams.  No Change.   .

Yearbook  - Andre Leclerc. 185 books were printed.not all sold. Cost has been cut to

 $ 6.00 but we sell them for $ 10.00

Coaching  No report.    

Hall of Fame  Jack Adams This year, outstanding male  player. Inductee at the banquet will be Russell Christopher        Next year Outstanding Organizer Male and Female.

Progress 2007 Championships Woodstock, Ont. Meeting July 10, play July 11 - 14.

Jean Markle handed out information  packages to the delegates.

CANSTATS  (Canstats Report attached).   

Public Relations Jean Markle reported a lot of sick people sent out many get well and sympathy cards. Caught up on back pins. 2004 anniversary pin pic of Jean and Jack.

2005 4 dead.  2006 T.D. pin.  There will be raffles at the tables and Jean will have game related items. 

National Awards

President  Jack E. Adams  Executive committee to formulate a five year plan for the organization.  Continue to encourage juniors.

Moved by David Kilbourn the reports be accepted seconded by Charolette Demmans Carried


10.  Business arising from reports

Moved by Shirley Ann Fisher seconded by Mary Holley that J H Stinn  be our  auditor for 2006. Carried.   

Moved by Charolette Demmans the Senior Ladies and 40 Senior Men categories be eliminated. Seconded Tammy Christensen.  As long as the category is held at the provincial level we must have it at the national level.  Moved by David Kilbourn seconded by Duncan McKenzie we table this until next year. Carried.


11. Unfinished business  Resolution tabled from 2005 Moved by Dianne Beck seconded by Kay McKay that plaque type trophies for the eight championship classes be made and that a box be made to hold them for easy shipping. These could be at the tournament each year for pictures. 2006 this motion passed.


12.  Business   Moved by Jean Markle that the Tournament Director position be elected every three years instead of two so it will be in the west one time and the east the next. Seconded by Vince Herkel. Carried.  Moved  by David Kilbourn this be started with the election this year and continue thereafter.  Seconded by Shirley Ann Fisher.   Carried.


13. Canadian Championships   Moved by Charolette Demmans we accept Calgary's bid to host the 2008 Canadian Championships.  Seconded by Shirley Ann Fisher.   Carried.

 2007 Woodstock Ont.  2008 Calgary Ab.  2009  a bid has been received from Aylmer, Ont.


14. Question put forward   When can a pitcher step over the foul line when delivering a shoe? At no time.


15. Election of  Directors   Vice - President (2 years)  Andre Leclerc  declined  Tony Rondow accepted.  Tony Rondow, Vice-  President. 

  Secretary  (2 years)  Kay McKay  declined  Mary Holley  declined,  Lia Snell accepted, Tammy Christensen declined. Lia Snell Secretary.

 Tournament Director  Dianne Beck  accepted   Wally Arnold  accepted...Dianne Beck for 1 year, Wally Arnold for 3 years. Dianne takes 2007 entries, Wally 2008.


16 Appointments by the President.

National Award Charman  Dorothy Butts

NHPA representative  Andre` Leclerc

Rules and regulations chariman Jack Adams

Hall of Fame Chairman  Jack Adams

Canstats  Sam Tomasevic

Yearbook Editor  Andre` Leclerc

Coaching  as above


17 Meeting adjournment  Duncan McKenzie     Lia Snell