Sam Tomasevic Report 2007 AGM

Canstats and Horseshoe programs


First things first. As the statistician of Horseshoe Canada I am happy using the program we have, I am not against any club or association using which ever program they want. The shoes program is not a mandatory program which some people are under the impression that it is. As the statistician I don't worry if I get the results via disk or via paper, yes its work, but you have to accept that when you take the position. I do not believe that any program out there will satisfy everyone or keep everyone happy. My biggest problem is the fact of getting results on a slow bases, at times I get from some provinces 5-6 tournaments at a time, now if I had those results on a weekly bases that would help the work load.


I was reading through the agenda and the topic of the program for stats:

12. Resolutions

Motion by Tami Becker that Horseshoe Canada looks for a new horseshoe program for keeping stats, seconded by Marie Hartman.


Why is this a resolution, as mentioned above, shouldn't the statistician have a large say in which program he or she uses to do the stats for Horseshoe Canada. Also as mentioned the shoes program is not mandatory and with the way things are worded it sure makes it sound like it is. Maybe this should read that Horseshoe Canada look into new horseshoe programs that provinces or clubs wish to use. Please feel free to read this part out at the meeting for me.


On another matter Ontario has had problems for years, mostly their desire to have things like SM (senior men 40 feet) and SL (Senior ladies) split out on the program. No other program will do this, its simple, Men, Women, Jr Boys, Jr Girls and Elders.


I contacted a few people regarding what the NHPA uses, as mentioned before, Glenn will get back to me shortly to see if his son in law is interested in doing it for Horseshoe Canada. As a world of caution, I have found out that the NHPA was charged US$5,000.00 to have the program done.