Tournament Director’s Report


July, 2007


This year we have 216 entries to the Canadians including 37 juniors and peewees.  Hopefully all of them will have a wonderful time at the event and continue to play.


This year has been very different as far as the set up has been concerned.  In trying to work with the Arnolds and going on such a wonderful 6-week holiday it has been very interesting.  The Arnolds are great to work with and have had many great suggestions to make things work smoothly and efficiently.  They have some things to learn but I am positive that they will handle each new challenge with fairness, enthusiasm, eagerness and will not be afraid to ask for help when it is needed.


It has been a wonderful 11 years for me.  I have made so many friends and hopefully very few enemies during these tournaments.  I can hardly believe that I won’t be involved at this level next year.  Hopefully the Calgary and the Alberta Clubs will allow me to be a part of their organizations again.  I know that I can not walk away from this sport totally and that no one wants me to be a player as I am so bad at it.  I could hurt someone badly.


I would like to suggest that we ask the supplier of the Championship Crests if they could make us sets for 2 or even five years at a time.  That would mean that the crests could be in the possession of the Tournament Director or the Secretary.  The supplier is in Calgary and that is not too convenient for the Arnolds although I am sure that someone could pick them up each year and take them to the tournament if the meeting does not like the idea of having several years done at one time.


Thank you for putting up with me all this time.  I know I will see you in Calgary and who knows – maybe I will even make it to the next one after that.


Dianne Beck