June 27, 2002 Canadian Championships 2002 participants
2002 Canadian Championship Participants
Preliminary list

Here is a tentative list of participants (in alphabetical order, per province) for the 2002 Canadian Championships. There are 224 entries so far. If you entered, please check the list to make sure your name is there. If not, call Dianne Beck as soon as possible at (403) 236-8220.

DIV.  LAST NAME         FIRST NAME     PROV.         %
SR40  BEFUS             GORDON         AB       25,06
LO    BRUBAKER          HILDA          AB
MO    BURROWS           DAVE           AB       35,64
SR30  CAMPBELL          JACK           AB       41,19
SRL   CAMPBELL          NELLY          AB       30,11
      CLARKE            PATRICIA       AB
SR30  CLAUSSEN          EDUARD         AB       65,27
SR30  CONNELL           RALPH          AB       52,27
SR30  CONNOLLY          TOM            AB       41,50
LO    CORDINGLEY        JANE           AB       55,31
MO    CRERAR            IVAN           AB       42,18
SR30  DOMSHY            ERNIE          AB       48,06
SR30  DUER              JOE            AB       57,71
SRL   EWING             JULIA          AB       48,62
LO    FRYINGPAN         INA            AB       65,71
MO    FRYINGPAN         GEORGE         AB       44,62
MO    FRYINGPAN         MARK           AB
MO    FULTON            ALEX           AB       27,96
SR40  GIBSON            BILL           AB       10,20
SR30  GILL              GORDON         AB       25,31
SR30  GILMORE           RED            AB       63,57
SR30  GRAHN             ERNIE          AB       23,55
SRL   GRAHN             MARGARET       AB       35,00
SR30  GRAY              BOB            AB       50,44
SR30  GREENSTEIN        MIKE           AB       47,34
SR30  GRIFFITH          DON            AB       65,43
SR30  HARRIS            LEE            AB       40,26
SR30  HAUGLAND          HERMAN         AB       44,04
MO    HAYNES            TIM            AB       24,36
LO    HEISTAD           HAZEL          AB       48,64
LO    HOLLEY            MARY           AB       12,11
MO    HOLMES            KEN            AB       55,47
MO    HYNNE             DAVID          AB       35,27
LO    ISAACS            ANITA          AB       24,10
SR30  JORDAN            CLIFFORD       AB       42,28
SR30  KEMP              JACK           AB       43,47
LO    KILBOURN          WINNONA        AB       43,19
MO    KILBOURN          DAVID          AB       32,62
LO    KISSICK           MYRNA          AB       65,14
SRL   KOOY              SHIRLEY        AB       55,26
MO    LANGDON           GORDON         AB       28,00
MO    LUMSDEN           STEVE          AB       54,86
MO    MADU              RAYMOND        AB       41,70
SR30  MARQUARDT         GEORGE         AB       34,53
SR30  McELROY           FRANK          AB       42,32
LO    MCLEAN            ANNA           AB       51,57
SR30  MEADOWS           CHARLIE        AB       46,71
MO    MILLER            EDWARD         AB       37,51
SR30  MOUNTAIN          DICK           AB       63,56
LO    NANNINGA          JOANNE         AB       54,58
MO    NANNINGA          ALVIN          AB       60,25
SR30  NORDVALL          CECIL          AB       56,15
MO    OLMSTEAD          LYLE           AB       53,24
SR30  ROBINSON          BERT           AB       31,02
MO    SANDERSON         BOB            AB       50,81
SR30  SCHEIBNER         LEN            AB       58,76
SRL   SCHMIDT           ALICE          AB       26,10
LO    SNYDERS           SHIRLEY        AB       27,69
SR30  STEINKE           TERRY          AB       54,15
LO    STEVENSON         EILEEN         AB       40,13
MO    STEVENSON         KEN            AB       48,21
MO    STEVENSON         WILLIAM        AB       25,11
MO    STEWART           JOHN           AB       38,49
LO    THOMPSON          DONNA          AB       39,16
LO    VANDER LINDEN     EVE            AB       46,30
MO    VANDER LINDEN     CASEY          AB       59,44
LO    VELDHUIS          YVONNE         AB       50,00
SR30  VELDHUIS          HENRY          AB       29,42
SR30  VELDKAMP          TONY           AB       45,58
SR30  VICTOR            CARL           AB       41,25
SR30  WILDE             MURRY          AB       54,22
LO    ALDRIDGE          CAROL          BC       31,76
MO    AMOS              RAY            BC       32,93
MO    ANDERSON          SYD            BC       18,50
LO    ARNOLD            BRENDA         BC       53,15
MO    ARNOLD            DAVE           BC       51,77
SR30  BATTIE            STEW           BC       35,25
SR30  BEETON            LEWIS          BC       25,56
MO    BENNIE            DON            BC       26,32
LO    BERTRAND          SUE            BC       32,40
SRL   BISCHOFF          NORMA          BC       28,49
SR30  BODALY            FRED           BC       61,89
LO    BRIETZKOPF        CHERYL         BC       29,48
MO    BRIETZKOPF        JOE            BC       37,17
LO    BROOKS            MARGARET       BC       24,53
MO    BROOKS            GORDON         BC       31,38
LO    BRUNELLE          ELYSE          BC       62,04
MO    BUSCH             LOU            BC       44,80
MO    BUTTS             GORDON         BC       57,69
      BUTTS             BILL           BC       34,78
LO    BYRNE             DOROTHY        BC       26,57
MO    CHAISSON          GUY            BC       34,04
MO    COFFIN            DANNY          BC       24,79
SR30  COLLIN            JOHN           BC       51,18
MO    CUTHBERT          GERRY          BC       25,39
SR40  CUTLER            LYLE           BC       35,63
MO    DAVIDSON          PHILIP         BC       15,63
JRB   DYRDA             BUDDY          BC       65,21
SR40  FEDORUK           BOB            BC       21,58
LO    GALLANT           VIOLET         BC       18,69
MO    GALLANT           JIM            BC       18,03
MO    GILES             GEORGE         BC        7,62
SR30  GILLARD           EARLE          BC       44,60
SRL   GREAVES           YVONNE         BC       40,34
SR30  GREGORY           WILF           BC       66,74
MO    GUSHTA            AL             BC       41,10
SR40  HANER             LARRY          BC       36,75
LO    HELGESON          CINDY          BC       30,22
MO    HELLYER           ALBERT         BC       32,27
SRL   HELLYER           YVONNE         BC       42,87
LO    HOPKINS           SHIRLEY        BC       22,04
MO    HOPKINS           RICHARD        BC       25,20
SR30  KENNEDY           ROBERT         BC       33,57
      KINAKIN           WALTER         BC       57,70
SR30  KUPFERSCHMID      TED            BC       47,18
MO    MISKENACK         FRANK          BC       19,32
SR40  MORGAN            DON            BC       35,23
SRL   MORGAN            SYLVIANNE      BC       17,05
SR30  MORRIS            EARL           BC       49,91
SR30  NICKEL            EDWARD         BC       30,02
LO    ORMISTON          CAROL          BC       60,92
MO    ORMISTON          FRED           BC       41,03
LO    PARSLOW           VERNA          BC       33,63
SR30  RAYNER            MURRAY         BC       62,50
SR30  RAYNER            GARRY          BC       41,44
MO    RONDOW            TONY           BC       49,86
MO    SALMON            ERLE           BC       27,41
LO    SCHNEIDER         SIMONE         BC       36,44
SR30  SCHNEIDER         LES            BC       46,27
MO    SHORE             JACK           BC       23,45
JRG   SPARKS            CHRISTINE      BC       37,26
MO    SPARKS            JACK           BC       28,42
SR30  THORNTON          JOHN           BC       48,74
MO    VAUGEOIS          ROGER          BC       39,89
MO    WATKINS           OLIVER         BC       30,62
MO    WESTMAN           LARRY          BC       43,85
SR30  WHITNACK          BILL           BC       46,47
SRL   WHITNACK          VERA           BC       44,33
LO    CLOUD             SHARON         MB       37,77
SR30  CRATE             GEORGE         MB       20,73
LO    CRERAR            BETTY          MB       29,55
SR40  ELOY              JEAN-MARIE     MB       26,33
LO    FISHER            SHIRLEY ANN    MB       47,80
MO    FISHER            IVAN           MB       36,30
LO    IRONSTAND         JACQUELINE     MB       38,40
MO    IRONSTAND         PHILLIP        MB       46,05
LO    LEVASSEUR         MARILYN        MB       56,07
SR40  MCMAHON           ELMER          MB       32,19
MO    MORIN             ALBERT         MB       26,98
MO    ROULETTE          RICKY          MB       25,99
MO    SHINGOOSE         JIM            MB       28,34
MO    BARTON            GEORGE         NB       32,83
SR40  ROUSSEL           GILBERT        NB       37,72
MO    SOUCY             MARTIN         NB       30,50
MO    ARNOLD            JACK           ON       36,29
MO    ARNOLD            WALTER         ON       32,82
JRB   BECKER            DREW           ON       74,81
MO    BRADLEY           EDWARD         ON       41,21
MO    BROUWER           GEORGE         ON       44,75
SR40  CORMIER           RAY            ON       27,80
MO    CORNER            TOM            ON       41,64
SR30  DANBY             EDWIN          ON       48,02
MO    ETIENNE           AIME           ON       17,48
MO    FOREMAN           VERNE          ON       46,25
MO    GALLINA           TOM            ON       65,60
LO    HASTINGS          ELDA           ON       65,06
SR40  HASTINGS          CHARLIE        ON       42,19
MO    JANSEN            JOHN           ON       34,81
LO    LEE               SUSAN          ON       24,72
LO    LEIS              LUCILLE        ON       71,01
MO    LEIS              STAN           ON       73,97
MO    LEIS              WALTER         ON       38,18
MO    LOVERING          COLIN          ON       26,45
SR40  MARKLE            LARRY          ON       48,52
SRL   McGRATH           SHEILA         ON       62,75
SRL   MORRISON          HEATHER        ON       56,88
LO    ROSS              JANICE         ON       59,64
MO    SHANTZ            ARLEY          ON       40,08
LO    SNELL             LIA            ON       47,62
MO    SNELL             JOHN           ON       39,56
MO    VANDERBURG        BILL           ON       52,38
LO    CARROLL           SUZANNE        QC       26,93
MO    CARROLL           PAUL           QC       15,73
MO    LECLERC           ANDRE          QC       65,24
LO    MOISAN            SYLVIANNE      QC       83,09
LO    MOISAN            ANGELINE       QC       73,62
MO    ADAMS             DONALD         SK       33,28
SR30  ADAMS             JACK           SK       55,16
LO    ALLARD            CLARA          SK       29,39
SR40  BANNERMAN         VERN           SK       52,89
LO    CHRISTENSEN       TAMMY          SK       58,63
LO    CLARK             SHARON         SK       33,73
JRG   CURREN            JAALA          SK        4,65
LO    DEMMANS           CHAROLETTE     SK       35,67
MO    DRESCHER          CLARENCE       SK       35,94
MO    ELLISON           MARVIN         SK       62,26
MO    ELLWOOD           LORNE          SK       36,58
SR30  FEHR              JACOB          SK       35,37
MO    FINNIE            COLIN          SK       61,49
SR40  FROSTAD           GERALD         SK       16,08
LO    HALL              MYRTLE         SK       29,87
LO    HAMEL             FLORENCE       SK       35,00
LO    JOHNSON           KATHY          SK        9,49
SR30  JONES             J.W. GORDON    SK       50,74
LO    KALYN             JANE           SK       22,28
SR30  KALYN             WILLIAM        SK       37,23
SRL   KOZAKEWICH        EILEEN         SK       55,96
SR30  LIEBAERT          JULES          SK       52,88
SR30  LOW               DON            SK       18,22
SR40  MACZA             WILLIAM        SK       15,89
MO    MAZUR             ALEX           SK       34,32
SR30  NYBO              BASIL          SK       40,37
SR30  OLENIUK           HARRY          SK       39,42
SRL   RICHMOND          LORETTA        SK       17,36
MO    RIOU              ROBERT         SK       48,15
SR40  ROSS              AL             SK       44,88
SR30  SPILCHEN          MIKE           SK       61,85
SRL   SPILCHEN          PAULINE        SK       54,80
MO    SQUIRES           DALE           SK       49,41
MO    SQUIRES           DARYL          SK       10,92
SR30  STEVENSON         ED             SK       37,08
MO    WEITZEL           HOWARD         SK       68,55
SR30  WILKINSON         STAN           SK       17,44

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