August 11, 2006 Canadian Championships Things to remember
Canadian Championship Participants
Things to remember

The following things to remember were distributed to each participant at the 2001 Canadian Championships:

Pick-up sticks: No one is allowed to touch or pick-up a horseshoe from the sand or clay until points have been determined at that end by the two opposing players. If a player touches a shoe with a pick up stick before the points are determined, that shoe is declared null and void. It is a foul shoe.

Between games: Players shall be limited to four (4) practice pitches before starting the next game, providing both the score-keeper and your opponent are on the court ready to start the next game.

Time to pitch: The time allowed to pitch two (2) horseshoes is 30 seconds. If a disturbance at either end of the court occurs the player may step back and restart the pitch.

Foul line: You are not allowed to step over the foul-line until the shoe has left your hand.

Pitcher moves first: Never step up and move with the pitcher when he (or she) is delivering a shoe. Remain at the back of the platform until both shoes have been pitched by your opponent.

Game over: When your game is completed, please go to one end so as not to disturb the score-keeper while he (or she) is making in your card. The score-keeper will let you know when the cards have been filled in. The Court Supervisor will take the official score-sheet from the score-keeper.


  • Surname and Province must be on back of a clean shirt
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on or near courts
  • Smoking/chewing tobacco not allowed in pitching area
  • Register one hour before you are scheduled to play (You must present your Horseshoe Canada membership card and have your shoes checked prior to play)
  • Championship division (A Class) players pay an extra $10.00

  • The Annual General Meeting is usually held the day prior to tournament play.
  • The Opening Ceremonies are held one hour before the first competition.

  • Scorekeeping Instruction Sheet.
    This instruction sheet can be printed and handed out to each of your scorekeepers as a reminder.
    Judging Instruction Sheet.
    This instruction sheet can be printed and handed out to each of your judges as a reminder.

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