August 12, 2004 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Champ. 2004

2004 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships
Glanford Park, Saanich
Victoria, British Columbia
July 13-17

The Victoria Horseshoe Club invites you to attend the 2004 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships - July 13th to 17th. As a club we look forward to being your host! We will be adding $15,000 to the Tournament, with entry fees the total should be over $20,000

For more information (pour plus d'informations):
  • About our hosts (prize money, accomodations, special events, ferries)
    Au sujet de nos hôtes (bourse, accomodations, evenements speciaux, traversiers)
  • Entry form (fiche d'inscription) - Deadline is June 10, 2004
  • Things to remember (Aide-memoire)
  • 2004 Horseshoe Canada AGM Agenda - July 13
  • Participants (classes and schedule) - please check if your name is on the list!
  • Important notes about the schedule and special events
  • Results (Résultats)
  • Game by game summaries Sommaires partie par partie
  • Tournament story L'Histoire du tournoi
  • Some Pictures from the 2004 Canadian (from Robin DeGraf)
  • More Pictures from the 2004 Canadian Championships (from Sam Tomasevic)
  • More Pictures: the "Big Victoria Rumble" (from Sam Tomasevic and Brenda Arnold)
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