August 24, 2005 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Champ. 2005

2005 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships
Exhibition Park - Halifax, Nova Scotia
August 10-13

The 2005 Championships are hosted by the Halifax Horseshoe Club, the Dartmouth City of the Lakes Club, and the the NOVA SCOTIA HORSESHOE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION. They invite you to attend the 2005 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships and look forward to being your host!

For more information (pour plus d'informations):
  • Information Kit (accomodations, map, etc) - in PDF format
  • More accomodations, and see also Camping closest to and at Exhibition Park
  • Entry form (fiche d'inscription) - Deadline was June 30, 2005
  • Things to remember (Aide-memoire)
  • 2005 Horseshoe Canada AGM Agenda - August 9th
  • Participants (classes and schedule) - UPDATED !!!
  • Horseshoe courts in the Halifax area - jeux de fers dans la région
  • Results (Résultats)
  • Game by game summaries Sommaires partie par partie (coming soon!)
  • Tournament story L'Histoire du tournoi
  • Some Pictures from the 2005 Canadian
  • For best viewing (of the results) use the font Courier
    Pour mieux voir les résultats utilisez la fonte Courier

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