1932 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
November 22-24, 1932 • Royal Winter Fair, Toronto

Total entry: ...

Joins With Mount Dennis Pitcher to Capture Open Doubles

Singles:                             Losers’ score
1.  George WALWIN, Whitby
2.  John RILEY, Christina            35-100
3.  George CRAGGS, Toronto
3.  John SIMON, Melbourne
5.  Daniel SIMPSON, Alderville
Note:  Except for Simpson, names of quarter-finalists are unknown

Consolation Singles:
1.  Fred HARBURN, Cromarty
2.  Stan RILEY, Christina (according to The Globe)

Open Doubles:                                                  Losers’ score
1.  George WALWIN, Whitby & Joseph GOLDEN, Mt Dennis
2.  James DANIELS & Norm J. BROWN, Toronto                     56-100
3.  John ENGLISH & Herb READING, Toronto
4.  R. PURDY & Herb DAGER, Norwich

Consolation Doubles:
1.  George CRAGGS & William CRAGGS, Toronto
2.  John SIMON & Mike BARRY, Melbourne

County Fair & Rural Doubles:
1.  Robert FERRIS & Charles WOODWARD, Toronto
2.  R. PURDY & Herb DAGER, Norwich
3.  Fred HARBURN & Paul BOA, Hensall

Note:  There were close to 50 participants in the singles, but the complete list
of participants is not available (only 21 of them are known).
Here are the names of two other contestants mentioned in the newspaper articles:
Ernie Beamis & K. Carter, Oshawa.  Daniels’ partner was listed as J. Brown,
but we conclude it is Norman J.Brown.

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