1933 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
November 27-30, 1933 Royal Winter Fair, Toronto

Total entry: 110

Defending champion Walwin is defeated by Craggs in hard battle

Class A Singles:
1.  John SIMON, Melbourne                             Pts
2.  George CRAGGS, Toronto                            150
3.  Joseph GOLDEN, Mount Dennis                       123
3.  Joseph JEFFRIES, Toronto                          104
5.  Fern LADOUCEUR, Toronto                            52
Note:  Except for Ladouceur, names of quarter-finalists are unknown

Class B  (Consolation)
1.  H. G. BRADY, Fenwick
2.  Roy McLAUGHLIN, Burketon
3.  George WALWIN, Richmond Hill
3.  Ernie NICHOLS, Bobcaygeon

Class C  (Consolation)
1.  Ernie BEAMIS, Oshawa
2.  D. FRITZ, Listowel

Class A Doubles:
1.  George WALWIN & Joseph GOLDEN
2.  Fern LADOUCEUR & Robert FERRIS, Toronto
3.  Fred HARBURN, Cromarty & John SIMON, Melb.
3.  Harry FREEMAN & Henry CARTY, Bobcaygeon

Class B (Consolation) Doubles:
1.  T. BURROWS & D. FRITZ, Listowel

Class C (Consolation) Doubles:
1.  R. GRACE & P.  GUNN, Toronto
2.  W. CAIRNS & Joe JEFFRIES, Toronto

Note:  Above results compiled when combining the reports from the Mail and Empire and The Globe.
There were 110 competitors but we found the names of only 26 of them (32 if we include doubles).
Other names not listed above but featured in newspaper reports are:
Leonard Nichols, Edward Cameron and Jim Duncan, all of Bobcaygeon.
Also Jimmy Daniels of Toronto and George W. Riley (or Wiley) from St.Catharines.
An exceptional high game of 94.4% (17 out of 18) was pitched by Fern Ladouceur.

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