1934 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
November 28-29, 1934 • Royal Winter Fair

Total entry: ...

Toronto residents take singles and doubles honors

A Singles:                                 R%(pr)     Pts
1.  George CRAGGS, Toronto, Ont.             48.0     150
2.  Fred HARBURN, Cromarty, Ont.             48.2     123
3.  James DANIELS Jr, Toronto, Ont.          51.2     104
4.  W. S. GILES, Douglas, Manitoba           38.3      52

B Singles:
1.  John SIMON, Melbourne, Ont.
2.  Harley BRADY, Fenwick, Ont.
3.  Fred DANIELS, Riverdale, Ont.
4.  Joe JEFFRIES, Fairbank, Ont.

C Singles:
1.  Roy McLaughlin, Burketon, Ont.
2.  Ernie Beamis, Oshawa, Ont.
3.  L. (Fern?) Ladouceur, Toronto, Ont.
4.  A. E. Funston, Freeman, Ont.

A Doubles:
1.  George CRAGGS & James DANIELS, Toronto
2.  Ernie BEAMIS, Oshawa & Roy McLAUGHLIN, Burketon
3.  Fred HARBURN, Cromarty & John SIMON, Melbourne
4.  H. STEVENSON & Thomas McQUESTION, Toronto

B Doubles:
1.  Clinton BOWMAN & Harley BRADY, Fenwick
2.  Robert FERRIS & Fern LADOUCEUR, Toronto
3.  William CAIRNS & Joseph JEFFRIES, Toronto
4.  George WILEY, St.Catharines & George BRADY, Fenwick

C Doubles:
1.  Joseph Golden, Mt Dennis & Fred Daniels, Toronto
2.  Norman J. Brown & P. Gunn, Toronto
3.  C. Morphy & D. Fritz, Listowel
4.  George Armstrong & T. McMulkin, Toronto

NOTE:  The ringer averages shown for the A singles is for preliminaries only.
Only George Craggs’ average is known for the finals.  He averaged 61%.
In the B singles, John Simon (63%) defeated Harley Brady (57%) by a score of 50-44.
 W. S. “Stan” Giles is the first Westerner to qualify in the championship finals.
There were 38 pitchers  in the singles and 17 teams in the doubles for a total of 72 entries.
Out of 38, we found 28 different names listed in the reports
(A. Tyrone is the only other name mentioned but not listed above).

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