1949 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
August 29-30-31, 1949 • CNE, Toronto

Total entry: ...

A Singles:                                   W-L      R%
1.  Dean McLAUGHLIN, Oshawa, Ont.            5-0    75.6
2.  Walter WOODWARD, Lakeview, Ont.          4-1    69.2
3.  Stan FRITZ, Listowel, Ont.               3-2    60.8

Group 2 (Class B)
1.  Jack STUBBS, Hamilton, Ont.              5-0    65.8
2.  Harold BLACKMAN, Toronto, Ont.           4-1    56.9
3.  Fred HARBURN, Dublin, Ont.               3-2    47.5

Note : There were 2 groups with 6 players in each group. Names and stats of the other six players are missing. Entry fee was $2. Qualifying was two days, games of 50 shoes count all. Top 12 advanced to the finals (cancellation method). The CNE gave $300 for the tournament. Deadline was August 9.
Here is the list of contestants (21) as published in the C.N.E. program (it is unknown if they all participated): Dean McLaughlin (Oshawa); Pat Ginn (Toronto); George Craggs (Toronto); Robert “Lefty” Ferris (Toronto); Norman Black (Toronto); Walter Woodward (Dixie); Harold Blackman (Toronto); Jim Daniels (Toronto); Fern Ladouceur (Toronto); Graham Mawson (Toronto); Jack Ritchie (Toronto); Stanley Fritz (Listowel); Fred Harburn (Cromarty); Lorne Meyers (Toronto); Charles Jarrett (Toronto); Frank Corbin (Hamilton); Jack Stubbs (Hamilton); Jack Lawrence (Toronto); Roy Wilkinson (Toronto); Don MacKinnon (Toronto); Joe Parfitt (Toronto).
The results and the following report was provided by Harold Blackman (published in The Horseshoe Pitcher - Oct. 1949). “The Dominion championships played on August 31 at the CNE was decided by playing a six man round robin. The contest was won by Dean McLaughlin (...). This performance was certainly a great feat and Mac has not lost a game in competition this year. Walter Woodward lost only one game and finished in second place. He is the proud winner of the McLennan trophy, donated by Mr. Tom McLennan, first vice-president of the Dominion H.P.A. This tournament is the first championship tournament held in Canada since the war at the Canadian National Exhibition. To the hard working executives, much of the credit and success of this event belongs. Mr. Jack Wichett, the tournament manager, handled everything in a splendid manner and with the assistance of the executives the events were run off very efficiently. Mr. McLennan not only dona-ted a beautiful trophy but also his time and experience. He is one of the best men in Canada for furthering the game. We are almost certain, that under the guidance of Mr. George N. Duthie the CNE will sponsor the best tournament yet. We are looking forward to this next year. We expect to invite several teams over from the States and put on a tournament that will be well worth while.” Harold Blackman, secretary.

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