1953 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
August 28-29, 1953 CNE, Toronto

Total entry: ...

A Singles:
1.  Walter Woodward, Lakeview, Ont.
2.  Dean McLaughlin, Oshawa, Ont.
3.  Norman Black, Orillia, Ont.
4.  Stan Fritz, Listowel, Ont.
5.  Harold Blackman, East York, Ont.
6.  Elgin Toman, Plattsville, Ont.
7.  Philip Gunn, Islington, Ont.
8.  George Edwards, Galt, Ont.
9.  Roy Wilkinson, Toronto Beaches, Ont.
10.  Jim Steele, Toronto Beaches, Ont.
11.  Ken Bowerman, Toronto Beaches, Ont.
12.  Harold Towner, Toronto Beaches, Ont.

GROUP 2 (B Class)
1.  Charlie Lentz, Smithville, Ont.
2.  Albert Bailey, Toronto, Ont.
3.  Ted Burrows, Lakeview, Ont.
4.  Stan Woodward, Lakeview, Ont.
5.  Jim Daniels, Leaside, Ont.
6.  Vern Mathews, Scarborough, Ont.

GROUP 3 (C Class)
1.  Joe Parfitt, Toronto, Ont.
2.  Frank Corbin, Hamilton, Ont.
3.  Joe Cole, Toronto, Ont.
4.  William Grove, Stouffville, Ont.
5.  George Catton, Toronto, Ont.
6.  Jack Wickett, East York, Ont.

Team competition (with four men to each side): Toronto clubs (Lakeview, Riverdale and Beaches) respectively won the first three places. The Stouffville team was fourth, followed by Fairmount Park, Stouffville-2, East York and Fairbank Cedarvale.

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