1965 Canadian Singles Horseshoe Pitching Championships
September 4-5, 1965 • CNE, Toronto

Total entry: ??

A Singles:
   1. Elmer HOHL, Wellesley, Ont.
   2. Dean McLAUGHLIN, Oshawa, Ont.

Note:  Among other participants are 
Jack Boa, Hensall and Charlie Lentz, Hamilton
but the rank where they finished is unknown.

B Singles (seniors):
   1. ?

C Singles (intermediate):
   1. ?

   1. Ross STEVENSON, Baden, Ont.
   2. Gerald ROEDER, Waterloo
   3. Robert RIEHL, New Hamburg
   4. Dennis HOHL, New Hamburg

Women’s Championship (18 entries)
   1. Shirley ARSENAULT, Port Colborne, Ont.
   2. Joan BOAL, Port Colborne, Ont.


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