1999/08/27 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Champ. 1999

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1999 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships
Waterloo Arena
Waterloo, Quebec
August 10-14

The Waterloo Horseshoe Club and la Federation des clubs de fers du Quebec were proud hosts of the 1999 Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships. There were 21 indoor courts placed in the Waterloo Arena and 16 outdoor courts (permanent) which are accross the street. These are the Waterloo Club courts. Adjacent to it is the Knights of Columbus building where the AGM (on Tuesday) and the Banquet (on Saturday) were held. There were 222 entries from the following provinces : Quebec (120), Ontario (65), Alberta (8), Saskatchewan (7), New Brunswick (7), Nova Scotia (6), B.C. (5) and Manitoba (4). They were divided in the following divisions : Men (145), Women (46), Seniors (21), Juniors (10).

Our hosts (in their first experience) deserve lots of respect for putting on an excellent tournament ! Playing conditions were excellent and the men's champion, Howard Weitzel, had his best personal performance at the Canadian championships to win his 3rd title, at the age of 77! While the men from the West dominated that division, the women's final was all-Quebec affair. Sylvianne Moisan was crowned for the 5th time. Her two wins in the finals against Annie Cote were gained with 88.9% and 90% games. In their first game where Sylvianne won with 88.9% vs Annie's 80.6%, in only two occasions there were less than 3 shoes on the peg (out of 72 shoes pitched) and nos ingle points were scored. Other champions crowned are : Adam Ellis (Junior Boys), Lisa Harrison (Junior Girls), Lucille Leis (Senior Ladies), Larry Markle (Senior Men), Russ Christopher (Senior Men 30'). Congratulations to our winners and to our hosts, the Waterloo horseshoe club.

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