July 10, 2001 Horseshoe Canada Bylaws 2000

Horseshoe Canada Association Bylaws
Schedule A Financial


1.  The fiscal year of HC is May 31.

2.  Signing officers for cheques shall be the treasurer and one other board member

3.  Honourariums for time (not expenses) shall be paid as follows
       A.     President                 $200
       B.     Treasurer                 $200
       C.     Secretary                 $200
       D.     Public Relations Chair    $200
       E.      Yearbook editor          $300
       F.      Tournament chair         $200
       G.     Auditor                   $200
   If one person holds more than one position, that individual is entitled to all
   amounts so indicated

4.  The Directors travel costs in attending the AGM shall be 10 cents per kilometer
    to a maximum of $500.

5.  Reasonable Directors and Standing Committees authorized expenses shall be reimbursed
    upon presentation of satisfactory receipts.

6.  Tournament Chair shall receive a flat fee of $100 for incidental direct expenses,
    with no receipts required.

7.  HC will be responsible for supplying a computer and computer program(s) for the Statistician.

8.  Out-of-Pocket expense accounts submitted to the treasurer while at the AGM would
    have the expenses reimbursed the same day

9.  Out-of-Pocket expense accounts submitted to the treasurer other than at the AGM
    shall be paid and mailed within 14 days.

10. Membership fees for each Member Association are $1.00 per individual member of
    the Member Association.

11. Member Associations shall be charged $nil for membership cards.

12. HC is recognized as a Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, under the terms and
    conditions as set out by the Minister of Finance, and enforced by Canada Customs and
    Revenue Agency.  This enables HC to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations received.

13. Horseshoe supplies price list shall be set by the chair of the HC Shop:

14. Score keepers at CHPC shall be paid 50 cents from each player per game (for a total of $1)

15. Judges at CHPC shall be paid $nil.

16. The fee for sanctioning shoes shall be $50, payable to HC

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