Horseshoe Canada Association

Bylaws Schedule B:  Administration




1.  Individuals who are affiliated with Member Associations are entitled to carry HC membership cards.  These cards will be honoured in all Member Associations


2.  HC and NHPA have entered into a reciprocity agreement whereas each Association agrees to recognize individuals from Member Associations from one association as bona fide members of the other association, in order to enter into each others open tournaments.


3.  Membership cards shall be printed by HC.


4.  Each province shall be assigned a pre‑ample membership number with each member province completing the balance of the membership number.  These numbers shall be used by Can Stats


5.  Assigned Member Association Numbers

1. BC           61

2. AB          62

3. SK           63

4. MB          64

5. ON          65

6. PQ           66

7. NB          67

8. NS           68

9. PE           69

10. NF         70

11. YK        71

12. NT         72

13.  NV       73


6.  Member Associations may purchase horseshoe supplies from HC Shop


7.  Score sheets printed by HC be three part carbonless (white, yellow, pink)


8.  The Canadian Horseshoe Pitchers Yearbook is published by HC.  The yearbook editor is to be chair of the standing committee


9.  The deadline for results in the yearbook is December 31 of each year.


10.  HC shall participate in the Canadian Masters Games, when and where they are hosted.