Horseshoe Canada Association

Bylaws Schedule C:  Sanctioned Shoes




1. Horseshoes Approved by HCA - old original list (for an updated list click here)

A.     Elmer Hohl

B.     The Dean

C.     H‑P

D.     Can‑Flip

E.      Sask‑Ringer

F.      M&M Special

G.     Hallyburtons

H.     All NHPA sanctioned shoes

I.        Kodiak


2.  The use of any other make of Canadian Horseshoe must be sanctioned by at least three Directors prior to the start of any CHPC


3.  Sanctioned shoes shall be determined by the form as shown in Schedule Sanctioned Shoes Form, bearing the signatures of three Directors, an be presented to the Tournament Chair prior to the start of the CHPC, effective for all shoes sanctioned after 1988


4.  The fee for sanctioning shoes shall be $50, payable to HC


5.  Individual members of Member Associations may use Canadian Sanctioned shoes in NHPA sanctioned tournaments