Horseshoe Canada Association

Constitution Schedule A: Definitions



1.  HC means Horseshoe Canada Association


2.  CHPC means Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships


3.  COHPC means the Canadian Open Horseshoe Pitching Championships.


4.  Member Associations means Provincial or Territorial Horseshoe Pitching Association which has met the membership criteria as set out in the Constitution.


5.  Member means the Member Associations present at a properly constituted meeting of members.


6.  Delegate means an individual who is a bona fide member of a Member Association.


7.  Telephone meetings means meetings by either a conference call, or canvass.


8.  President means the president, or in his absence, the vice‑president.  If both the president and vice‑president are not available, then the delegates or directors, as the case may be, shall appoint a chair of the meeting.


9.  He, his, or him shall mean the feminine and the masculine, as the case maybe.


10.  Special resolution means a resolution put to members at a meeting of members, save for a resolution to appoint a vacancy on the board.


11. Ordinary resolution means a resolution passed by a majority of over 50% of the votes cast by the members entitled to vote respecting that resolution.


12. Directors means Board of Directors


13. Special Resolution means a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two‑thirds of the votes cast by the members entitled to vote respecting that resolution.


14. Motions of Convenience means resolutions determined by meetings of Members, Board, Standing or Temporary committees of HC that do not change the Constitution, By‑Laws, Rules of the Game, or CHPC Guidelines.  These motions include minor changes, additions, or deletions to the items in the Annexed Schedules, or to motions of an honourary nature.


15.  Annexed Schedules to the Bylaws are those items so addressed by the Bylaws


16.  Constitution means the Constitution, Schedule A:  Definitions, and Schedule B:  Notice of Meetings