Horseshoe Canada Association

Constitution Schedule B: Notice of Meeting



1.  Members means Member Associations in the case of meeting of members, directors in the case of meeting of directors, and committee members for standing and temporary committees.


2.  Notice of meeting shall be no more than 50, and no less than 30 days, unless the notice of meeting has been waived by all members.


3.  Notice of meeting shall contain the the nature of the business to be transacted.  Any  special resolution to be voted upon and most ordinary resolutions at the meeting shall be presented in the Notice of  Meeting.  These resolutions may only be altered at the meeting for clarification purposes only. 


4.  The only exception to the normal notice requirments in paragraph (3) above, is that oridinary resolutions pursuant to the items under the jurisdiction referred to as "Annexed Schedules to the Bylaws" need not require the wording of the ordinary resolutions as long as the nature and extent of the business has been disclosed in the Notice of the Meeting.


5.  The notice of meeting shall be by telephone, mail, internet or facsimile.


6.  Meetings will be by telephone, mail, internet, or facsimile, except for the AGM , or a properly constituted directors meeting during the CHPC, which shall be in person.


7.  Except as herein noted, the terms and conduct of the meeting shall be determined by ordinary resolution of the members.


8.  The address of notice for the meeting shall be the last address of the member as recorded by the secretary.


9.  The president of HC shall not have a vote, save for a tie vote in which the president shall cast the deciding vote.


10.  A meeting by mail, facsimile or internet shall have the motion to be voted on distributed to each member, with a response date 30 days after the notice was sent to the member.


11. If a notice of meeting is returned as undeliverable or otherwise, or no vote returned by the due date,  shall be deemed as an abstention vote with the votes not being calculated into the results.


12. A meeting by telephone will be conducted by the president with the issue being decided by canvassing the members.  Over three‑quarters of the members must be canvassed for a valid vote.


13. The results of any decision of a meeting will be forwarded to each member within thirty days of the meeting.  The results of the meeting shall indicate how each member voted on the issue(s) decided upon, except for AGM where only recorded votes will show how members voted.