Scorekeeping Instruction Sheet

The following instructions written by NHPA secretary have been modified slightly by Sheila McGrath-Leis (August 29, 2002). Sheila is a member of the Horseshoe Canada Hall of Fame, longtime player and also a model to follow as scorekeeper.
This instruction sheet can be printed and handed out to each of your scorekeepers as a reminder. See also this page about verifying scoresheets intended for scorekeepers, judges and tournament directors.

Keeping score is a very important job.
You may not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages within the confines of the courts.
Don't look at the pitchers while they are pitching. Look at the opposite stake which will help when the score is called to you.
Keep the scoreboard still except between pitches when the pitchers are walking. Only at this time should the scoreboard be turned for spectator viewing and remember you are not a judge.
  1. Check each player's round robin card to confirm they are the proper pitchers for your court, for that round.
  2. Completely fill out the information blanks at the top of the score sheets.
  3. The pitcher with the lowest number goes on the left side of the score sheet. Each player has a name card that is to be placed on the scoreboard. It is important that you always put the player number and name on the score sheet.
  4. Follow the format at the top right of the score sheet for marking the score.
  5. Pay attention when the score is called and mark the score on the scoreboard first. Then record the score on the scoresheet.
  6. Don't talk to the pitchers unless you need a score repeated or they ask you a question.
  7. When the game is over, immediately roll up the final score on the scoreboard so the audience can see the score, fill in the final inning on the score sheet, and proceed to complete the bottom of the score sheet.
  8. Give the yellow sheet to the winner and the pink to the loser if those are the scoresheets being used.
  9. Don't make any marks on the round robin cards if the players receive a yellow or pink copy. When scoring is recorded on a single score sheet, player info can be entered on the round robin card.
  10. Scorekeepers can be paid directly from players or when the score sheet is submitted to the judge in return for voucher ticket. The vouchers will be redeemed for cash.

Failure to wollow these instructions, the tournament officials may have you replaced as a scorekeeper.

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