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Last updated: 12-02-2014

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Canstats?

CANSTATS is our Canadian national stats center. Tournament results from all Canadian sanctioned tournaments or events are submitted and entered into a common database. Results from Canadians who played in US events are also included in our database from which pitchers "3-Hi" averages are calculated. The Canstats average is used in most tournaments to seed players into various classes. It should be tournament directors' reference for seeding players.

2. How Canstats Average is Calculated?

Although all tournaments are entered into the common database, the Canstats average is based on the 3 highest tournaments pitched by a member during the last 12 months, or last 10 tournaments, which ever comes first. That is done by dividing the total ringers pitched in the 3 highest tournaments by the total shoes pitched in those same tournaments and the result multiplied by 100 and carried 2 places past the decimal.

3. Why is my name missing from the reports?

The current Canstats reports include only members that have been active in the past 12 months. However, reports from past years are also available, for example: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. They can be viewed by clicking on the links located in the horizontal menu. You can also access a report showing all pitchers (sorted alphabetically) from 2008 to 2011 that can be searched by province. That report shows all members we have in the database and their numbers, plus their ranking for the last few years when available.

All pitchers from 2008 to 2011 (select province):

4. Players who change(d) division - how to proceed?

We need to know when a player moves to another division and when that change occurred. When such a change occurs, the player keeps his current membership number used only for the results pitched from the new distance or division. The older tournaments pitched from the former distance or division are placed under a special membership number where the first digit (6) is replaced by a "C". Therefore, a membership number beginning by "C" instead of "6" indicates a player that now belongs to a new division.

5. How to report results?

We recommend using the models in Excel format provided here (if you lack time, we can always edit results coming from other formats). There are three worksheets or tabs corresponding to the tables (Members, Tournaments, Results). The fields that absolutely need to be filled are in "bold". But we recommend you also provide (in the results table): the wins and losses in order to compile the data for the National Awards.

Membership numbers: We need a distinct membership number for each pitcher because the Canstats program does not accept two pitchers with the same number. Whenever that information was not available, we assigned a temporary membership number to some pitchers. Their number usually include "TC" or "TM" in the middle (ex.: 63TC01). We count on you to provide the correct numbers or corrections when necessary.

6. How about out of province pitchers and Canadians in US?

We suggest that you send, to Canstats, the complete results of a tournament including out of province and US pitchers. For Canadians playing in the US, we usually obtain those results from the Natstats director. But if you do receive such results, we suggest you forward them to Canstats as well, in case they are missing from our files.

7. How to report errors?

You may detect errors in results, names mispelled, wrong division, etc. Feel free to provide the necessary corrections! The division in which a member belongs is entered manually into the system, so there might be errors especially when it has not been provided with the results. To report a change of division (move-ups, etc) see question #4.

We count on you to provide the results with regularity, but also to provide any corrections necessary!

8. Canstats and HsMaster compatibility. How do I import Canstats reports into HsMaster?

HsMaster is probably the most popular program to run tournaments. The program can be downloaded for free here on the NHPA website. Kevin Snelgrove from Virginia developed an Excel spreadsheet (click here to download the latest version) with macros in order to convert our Canstats reports for import into HsMaster. The Excel sheet contains the instructions but we also reproduce them here:

Open the Excel spreadsheet (named "Import-CanSTATS-to-HsMaster-V-161.xls"), open your Browser and open HsMaster/Player/Import/NatStats Web Page.
Then go to the spreadsheet
Step 1 - Click the Green button it will clear previous data.
Step 2 - Jump to your browser, and select a Province (ex.: BC). Once loaded, "Select All" and "Copy"
Step 3 - Jump back to Excel and paste in Cell A1 and then click the green button labeled "Step 3"
Step 4 - Once the macro finishes processing, you do not need to do anything but jump to HsMaster and "Paste" into the screen. The macro will copy the correct data for import.

You are now ready to run your tournaments with the current averages to seed your participants. Thank you Kevin!