About HCA

About Horseshoe Canada

Horseshoe Canada was formed at the 1979 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa and is the continuation of the Canadian or Dominion association which was founded in 1929 by Walter Kane.  Since 1979, Horseshoe Canada has had 11 different presidents: Jack Adams (1979-85), Laurence Johns (1985-87), Ross Stevenson (1987-88), Ed Murray (1988-91), Sharon Ellison (1991-1993), Bob Fanjoy (1993-1999), George Barton (1999-2003), Jack E. Adams (2003-2007), Dave Kilbourn (2007-2008), Cecil Mitchell (2008-2013), Jason Rideout (2013-…).

The goals of the association are to promote and foster the sport of horseshoe pitching in Canada. The main activity to achieve that is the holding of the annual Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championship. The Championships were held every year since 1929 except for a break during and after World War II (it was back in 1949). See the updated list of Canadian Champions through the years . Since 1979, the championships are held East and West in alternance. Eight of the ten provinces plus the Yukon Territory have horseshoe organizations, combining for a total of close to 1200 members.

There are also other projects developped since 1979 such as the National Hall of Fame, the National Awards Program and CanStats. An Executive Council formed with volunteers from various provinces, is elected at the AGM. During the year, most of the communication is done through the provincial representatives. These are determined by their own provincial association. The president (or the executive) also appoint some other roles. The Canadian Horseshoe Pitchers Yearbook, published by Horseshoe Canada, is an excellent source of information and a yearly collector’s item covering what’s happening in our country.