Online Tournaments

Mid- Summer Showdown – 100 Shoe Challenge

Download your scoresheets here:


Canada Day Showdown – 100 Shoe Challenge

Challenge both Canadian and US pitchers in this unique backyard pitching opportunity.  Details are on the scoresheets you can download below.

Online Tournaments

A Chance to Challenge your fellow pitchers from across Canada in your own backyard or Club!

What is Email horseshoe and the Canada 20

With covid19 cancelling all your local and provincial, state, and country tournaments. What have people done to keep the competitve juices going.

One thing has been facebook live competions where one records live a short 12 shoe game. But some people dont use facebook , or even have a phone to record their games

or are not comfortable doing that. This is where Email horseshoe comes in. Canada 20 was started to fill that void.

But how do you do it.

Its really quite simple. You just pitch 7 games of 20 shoes and keep track of your ringers and single points for each game and email the results in.

Thats it. I told you it was simple.

Here is an example

Joe Smith

gm 1 5 ringers and 4 singles = 19 pts

gm 2 4 ringers and 3 singles = 15pts

gm 3 8 ringers and 5 singles = 29pts

gm 4 7 ringers and 6 singles = 27pts

gm 5 4 ringers and 10 singles =22 pts

gm 6 3 ringers and 8 singles = 17 pts

gm 7 9 ringers and 10 singles = 37pts

you just email the results in to by any Sunday and your in. Each week the Canada 20 runs from Monday to Sunday.

results are posted on Horseshoe Canada online pitching Facebook page and emailed to all players entered.

Use the supplied score sheet or your own. We are on # 7 now and it ends this Sunday June 28. The next one starts the next Monday to Sunday.

Horseshoe Canada will be holding a Canadian Backyard Championships later this summer and you have to have been in 2 online or email tournaments to qualify.

Canstats are keeping the ringer % but putting in a separate category not the regular tournaments.

for more info contact me

Tom Moffat

Download your scoresheet right here.

Canada 20 Shoe Email Scoresheet

Results – Mail in tournaments

Canada 20 #4 (ended June 8) – Results
Canada 20 #5 (ended June 15) – Results
Canada 20 #6 (ended June 22) – Results
Canada 20 #7 (ended June 29) – Results
Canada 20 #8 (ended July 5) – Results
Canada 20 #9 (ended July 12) – Results
Canada 20 #10 (ended July 19) – Results
Canada 20 #11 (ended July 26) – Results
Canada 20 #12 (ended August 2) – Results
Canada 20 #13 (ended August 9) – Results
Canada Day Showdown 100 Shoe Challenge (July 1-13) – Results
Mid-Summer Showdown 100 Shoe Challenge (August 3-10)
Canadian Backyard Championship (August 20-31) 7×40 shoes

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