Provincial bodies

Horseshoe Canada Membership

Eight of the ten provinces have their own horseshoe organization combining (in 2011) for a total of more than 1210 individual players who have pitched in tournaments. Below, you will find a list of all the provincial associations along with the number of pitchers listed in CanStats for each of the provinces. The total for 2008 was 1437, then 1421 for 2009, and 1367 for 2010 (See details per province here). But there are a lot more active pitchers in leagues and non sanctioned events.

Province Association Membership (CanStats) Year
Ontario Horseshoe Ontario 373 2011
British Columbia B.C. Horseshoe Association 305 2011
Quebec Federation des clubs de fers du Quebec 231 2011
Alberta Alberta Horseshoe Pitchers Association 109 2011
New Brunswick Horseshoe New Brunswick 76 2011
Saskatchewan Horseshoe Saskatchewan 67 2011
Nova Scotia N.S. Horseshoe Players Association 35 2011
Manitoba Manitoba Horseshoe Players Association 17 2011
Pr. Edward Island P.E.I. Horseshoe Club 1 2004
Yukon Yukon Horseshoe Association 8 2004