Perfect games


Perfect games in horseshoes are a rare feat. At the World Tournament, from 1909 to 2004, only 3 were achieved: Guy Zimmerman in 1948 (44 shoes), Elmer Hohl in 1968 (30 shoes) and Jim Walters in the juniors in 1993 (24 shoes). At the Canadian championships, from 1927 to 2000, only one had been pitched, that by Diane Cantin at Halifax (1989) with 24 shoes pitched. Sylvianne Moisan has since pitched one each in 2001 and 2002. Diane Cantin is also the author of two perfect games pitched in provincial championships.

Listed below are the only “Canadian” perfect games, achieved in singles play, that we were able to find. Elmer Hohl and Dean McLaughlin are known to have pitched several perfect games. However, following his 1968 exploit, Elmer mentioned to the Keene Sentinel that “he recalled nearly achieving the feat in a previous tournament but missed when a shoe spun off the pin”.

There were certainly many perfect games pitched also in doubles events as the games are often shorter and shoes pitched “shared” between two partners. Elmer Hohl pitched a long perfect game in doubles play in the 1980-81 K-W Khaki Club Winter Horseshoe League. Playing partners in the doubles with Arley Shantz, he threw 22 ringers out of 22 shoes. The opposition? His sons, Stephen and Richard Hohl! The most recent ones were pitched the same day, on February 11, 2001, by the juniors Drew BECKER (14 for 14) and Kelly MALLETTE (10 out of 10) in a winter doubles tournament pitched at the Khaki Club.

As we’re trying to gather every perfect games’ scoresheets, don’t hesitate to submit copies of the ones we miss.


DD/MM/YYYY   Perfected by      S.P.  Tournament                       Opponent (victim)
03/08/1968   Elmer HOHL        30    World Tournament, Keene, NH      Wes Kuchcinski, PA
04/10/1984   André LECLERC     22    Elmer Hohl Memorial, Hamilton    Tom Gallina, ON
25/05/1986   Clayton ENGLISH    ?    Victoria Open, B.C.              ?
June 1987    Angéline MOISAN   18    Silver Shoe, Ottawa              Evelyn Nothnagel, ON
03-04/10/87  Angéline MOISAN   18    Que/Ont Friendship, Wellesley    Olive Tait, ON
22/08/1987   Sandy McLACHLIN   20    Governers Open, Columbus, Ohio   Billie Sue Pennington, CA
22/08/1987   Sandy McLACHLIN   20    Governers Open, Columbus, Ohio   Renee Cowan, VA
23/08/1987   Sandy McLACHLIN   20    Governers Open, Columbus, Ohio   Debbie Michaud, MA
20/06/1988   Sheila McGRATH    26    Scarborough (League), Ontario    Mary Archer, ON
20/08/1988   Sandy McLACHLIN   20    Governers Open, Columbus, Ohio   Kevin Hollister, VT
20/08/1989   Diane CANTIN      20    Governers Open, Columbus, Ohio   Sharon Paddock, CA
11/08/1989   Diane CANTIN      24    Canadian Champ., Halifax, N.S.   Shirley Ann Fisher, MB
03/09/1989   Diane CANTIN      36    Provincial Ch'ship, Victo., Qc   Nicole Moreau, QC
14/10/1990   Pauline HUBLEY     ?    Halifax H.P. Club championship   ?
15/05/1994   André LECLERC     22    Silver Shoe, Pakenham, Ont.      Dave Loudon, ON
12/06/1994   Diane CANTIN      20    St-Louis de France, Qc.          Daniel Vallières, QC
21/07/1994   Ryan BALDWIN      12    Summer Games, B.C.               Shane Harvey, BC
04/09/1994   Ryan BALDWIN      12    Provincial Champ., B.C           Mélinda Lépine, BC
04/09/1994   Diane CANTIN      22    Provincial Champ., Waterloo      Lise Dufault, QC
04/03/1999   Adam ELLIS        40    Barrie (League), Ont.            Ken G., ON
30/05/1999   Erich SCHAFER     14    Kamloops Open, B.C.              Don Morgan, BC
25/03/2000   Sylvianne MOISAN  16    Montreal Open                    André Leclerc, QC
15/08/2001   Sylvianne MOISAN  26    Canadian Champ., Wellesley, ON   Tammy Norvila, SK
14/08/2002   Sylvianne MOISAN  24    Canadian Champ., Calgary, AB     Brenda Arnold, BC
25/05/2003   Sylvianne MOISAN  28    Elmer Hohl R.C., Wellesley, ON   Tenesia Mayer, NY
29/05/2004   Sylvianne MOISAN  16    Elmer Hohl R.C., Wellesley, ON   Tenesia Mayer, NY
17/07/2004   Buddy DYRDA       20    Canadian Champ., Victoria, BC    Shane Dubyk, SK
25/05/2008   Tom GALLINA       18    Elmer Hohl R.C., Wellesley, ON   Kevin McLachlin, ON
15/08/2008   Keith LINDSAY     22    Canadian Champ., Calgary, AB     Ralph CONNELL, AB
29/05/2011   Sylvianne MOISAN  40    Elmer Hohl R.C., Wellesley, ON   Angeline MOISAN, QC

Three great scoresheets:

See also the Horseshoe Canada Hall of Fame artifacts for more scoresheets.

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