Associations through the years

Canadian horseshoe associations through the years

The first Canadian horseshoe association was formed, under the leadership of Walter Kane, on November 26, 1929 and was named the Dominion of Canada Horseshoe Pitchers Association. That was our first major organizational meeting.

From 1949 to 1952 it was named the Dominion Horseshoe Pitchers Association. Its name was changed to Canadian Horseshoe Pitchers Association in 1953 until November 1966 when a major reorganizational meeting resulted in the creation of a new association: the Canadian National Horseshoe Association, again changed to Canadian National Horseshoe Players Association on November 26, 1967. That meeting gave birth to the Ontario association (O.H.P.A.) as a separate body from the national one. On November 2, 1974, a new but short-lived association was formed: theCanadian Modern Horseshoe Association, headed by George Schummer.

In July 1975, the former title of C.N.H.P.A. continued with Jack Adams as chairman. Finally, on July 14, 1979, Horseshoe Canada Association was formed and is still the governing body for the sport of horseshoe pitching in Canada. That meeting, considered one of the three majors held through the years, saw the adoption of a new Constitution and By-Laws.

The formation of Horseshoe Canada would make the association truly a national body and from then on, the Canadian championships would be held in the East and in the West in alternance every year.