CHPC guidelines

Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships




1.  The CHPC shall follow the Official Rules of the Game as determined by HC.


2.  The CHPC will be governed by a Committee consisting of:

  1. Tournament Director
  2. President of the host province (or designate)
  3. President of the host club (or designate)
  4. President of HC (ex officio)


3.  The CHPC guidelines may be adopted by Directors, Members or by the CHPC Committee, as the case may be.


4.  The CHPC Committee shall not override directives of the Members or the Directors.


5.  The CHPC Committee shall be empowered to alter the guidelines of the CHPC, for the betterment of the particular CHPC, given the spirit and direction provided by the CHPC guidelines, Bylaws and Constitution.


6.  HC be responsible for engraving the Annual Trophies.


7.  The Annual Championship trophies shall be maintained at the HC Hall of Fame Display at the Calgary, AB Horseshoe Club


8.  HC shall be responsible for providing the round robin cards at the CHPC.


9.  The Tournament Director shall director the CHPC Committee and shall have a vote in committee decisions.  If there is a tie, the Tournament Director may cast a second vote to decide the issue at hand.


10.  If the Tournament Director is unable to attend the CHPC, the President of HC shall replace him on the committee during the CHPC in question.


11.  Players in the CHPC must be an individual in good standing of a Member Association.


12.  The age of the player is as of January 1 of the year in question.


13.  Classes:                              Age                  Distance

A.     Junior men             17                     30 feet

B.     Junior women        17                     30 feet

C.     Open men              none                 40 feet

D.     Open women         none                 30 feet

E.      Senior men            60                     40 feet

F.      Senior women        60                     30 feet

G.     Elder men              65                     30 feet


14.  A Player may not compete more than one class in any one Championship.


15.  Classes shall utilize the Cancellation Scoring System with the exception of classes where the average percentage of all the players in that class is less than 20%, that class shall play 50 shoe games.


16.  Any class where the average percentage of all the players in that class is more than 50%, that class shall play shall play 40 point games


17.  Any classes with an average percentage of 20% to under 50% shall play 30 point games.


18.  The CHPC Committee is authorized to make ringer percentage adjustments to classes and to adjust for points for 50 shoe games as the Committee deems necessary, but the guidelines herein presented should be followed whenever possible.


19.  Championship Classes winners shall be determined by games won and lost.


20.  The CHPC host shall be determined by an ordinary resolution at an AGM, and if possible, two years in advance.


21.  Written bid submissions must be in the hands of the secretary of HC before four weeks prior to the next AGM and must contain the following information:

  1. Approval from the Member Association approving the bid
  2. Indoor or outdoor courts?
  3. If outdoor courts, are they covered?
  4. Sketch provided  the following
    1. Location and lay‑outs of  both 30′ and 40′ courts
    2. Location of fast food outlets, including on‑site cafeteria
    3. Location of washrooms
    4. Location of camp sites
    5. Location of motels and hotels
    6. Location of Banquet Facility
  5. Times and meals on‑site cafeteria is open
  6. Availability of IBM compatible computer for the draw
  7. Estimate of “travel money” supplement to travel fund
  8. Trophies and plaques to be provided for all classes?
  9. What is planned for Junior prizes?
  10. Any other activities planned for junior players and/or travelling families
  11. Any other relevant information to shed light on the CHPC bid.


22.  The CHPC shall alternate between Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Sask, Man) and Eastern Canada (Ont, Que, NB, NS, PEI, NFLD), with the West hosting in even numbered years and the East hosting in odd numbered years.


23.  If a host can not be found for the next year’s CHPC by the AGM, then the Directors shall award the CHPC by ordinary resolution by December 31, if possible.


24.  No Player may indulge in actions, words, or phrases, disturbing his opponent, or disrupting the dignity of the CHPC.  The CHPC Committee without warning may discipline violators.


25.  CHPC Committee shall be empowered to enact discipline on any Player during the CHPC.


26.  The Disciplinary Committee (DC) shall consist of the President (or designate), Secretary (or designate), and Hall of Fame Director (or designate).  The President shall not have a vote unless their is a tie in which the President will cast the deciding vote.







27.  The Disciplinary Committee shall decide one of the following within 1/2 hour of receiving a written appeal, with adequate representation from the CHPC Committee and the Player so disciplined:

A.     Confirm the decision of the CHPC Committee

B.     Alter the decision of the CHPC Committee

C.     Reverse the decision of the CHPC Committee


28.  The decision of the DC is final.


29.  While on the playing courts, all Players must have their Surname and Province or Territory clearly displayed on the back of their shirt.


30.  Entry fee for all non‑junior classes is $25.


31.  Players playing in Championship Classes (except for juniors) shall pay an additional $10 entry fee.  This additional $10 will be added to each Championship Class travel payout.


32.  Ten dollars from each entry shall be maintained by HC for general administrative purposes.


33.  Entry deadline is four weeks prior to the start of the CHPC.  The Tournament Director must receive entries in order to be a valid entry.


34.  A valid ringer percentage must be sent with each entry.  The percentage is determined by the best three singles or doubles tournaments, including the previous CHPC to the entry deadline.  Valid tournament percentages consists of five games or 250 shoes.


35.  Each Member Association must arrange their own qualification program for any players who do not have a valid ringer percentage.


36.  Provincial Champions, as designated by Member Associations, in all divisions will be given the option of competing in their respective Championship Class.


37.  The Men’s Open Championship classes shall consist of 16 Players


38.  The Women’s Open Championship classes shall consist of 12 Players


39.  If the CHPC Committee so determines, the Women’s Open Championship Class may be less than 12 players if the difference in qualifying percentages is too great for a competitive tournament.


40.  The Men’s and Women’s Open Championship classes shall have a play‑off to determine the Champion Horseshoe Pitcher in Canada.  The play‑off is determined as follows:

A.     Second and Third place play one sudden death game

B.     The winner of the first play‑off game will play the First Place Finisher in a best‑of‑three games.


41.  The top three finishers in the Men’s and Women’s Open Championship class shall be determined by wins and losses.



42.  Tie‑breaker games shall be played in the following Championship Class situations:

A.     Two or more tied for third position

B.   Three or more tied for second position

C.   Four or more tied for first position


43.  If there is a tie for second and third, no play‑off is required with the positions being determined by ringer percentages.


44.  If there is a two-way tie, a sudden death play‑off shall be played


45.  If there is a three‑way tie for third place, the highest ringer percentage player during the CHPC receives a bye, with the second and third players playing a sudden death play‑off game.  The winner of that game will play the higher percentage winner in a sudden death play‑off game.


46.  If there is a four way tie, then the four positions are set by ringer percentages during the CHPC, with first playing fourth, second playing third in sudden death play‑off games.  The winners of the first games will play‑off to decide the winner of the play‑off.  If, and only if, there is a four way tie for first place, then the losers of the first games will play‑off to decide third and fourth in the play‑off.


47.  The CHPC shall be played over four days, starting on the Wednesday and finishing on the Saturday.


48.  Clay courts are preferred, but not mandatory to host the CHPC


49.  All Championship Classes shall be played indoors, or with covered pits.  It is preferable that all classes play indoors or with covered pits.


50.  If games are played with portable courts indoors, and the boxes are of such height that raised walkways are required, all boxes shall be placed such that the stakes are 40 feet apart.  On those courts where women, juniors and elders will be scheduled to play, a raised platform ten feet long and 18 inches wide shall be attached to the front of each side of the box.


51.  All championship classes shall be afforded equal exposure and opportunity to play in preferential courts.  These characteristics will be determined by the Tournament Director.


52.  When the CHPC are awarded to a large city, it should be done only if the CHPC will be held at the some other time as major city wide functions (eg, CNE, Stampede etc).  Whenever possible, preference should be given to large towns or smaller cities.


53.  The second Men’s Open class (Class “B”) shall consist of 16 players.


54.  All other Championship classes, if numbers warrant, shall consist of 8 players.  The winners are declared on the basis of wins and losses.


55.  Format for the Men’s and Women’s Open Championship classes be reviewed every three years starting in 1990, then 1993, 1996 as so on.


56.      Other than for health or emergency reasons, players who remove themselves from competition prior to completetion of all their scheduled games will forfeit all awards, prizes and money that they otherwise may have been entitled.



57.  Any player who removes himself from competition pursuant to paragraph 56, results of completed games wil remain as is and all games not played will be forfeited.  .


58.  If a Junior competes in an adult class as there is not enough Juniors to have separate Junior Classes, the Juniors shall not be charged an entry fee and shall not be entitled to travel money.


59.  The player who is the designated Provincial or Territorial Champion must be a resident of that Province or Territory at the time of entry deadline.  If that player has moved from that province, the Member Association must appoint another player to represent that province in the Championship Classes.


60.  Defending Canadian Champions shall automatically be placed in the Championship Class, as well as the runner‑up from the host province.  If the Defending Canadian Champion is also the Provincial Champion, the Member Association may also designate another person as their Provincial Champion.


61.  If a Provincial Champion, or defending Canadian Champion, from one class is participating in another class (i.e. junior entering as open), the Member Association may designate an alternate for that person in the original (i.e. junior) class, as Provincial Champion or Defending Canadian Champion, as the case may be.


62.  A signed liability waiver form must accompany each CHPC entry form.


63.  Signs shall be posted at all future CHPC stating that the players, officials, coaches, and spectators enter the playing area at their own risk.  The hosting province shall be responsible for providing such signage.


64.  The travel cash distribution be paid as detailed in Schedule CHPC Pay outs.


65.  The hosting cash bid is due four weeks before the start of the CHPC.


66.  There are no guidelines for the levels of the cash bids for the CHPC


67.  The entire hosting cash bid shall be allocated 100% to travel disbursements


68.  Players shall only permitted to use Sanctioned Shoes as detailed by Schedule Sanctioned Shoes.


69.  Opening Ceremonies, announcements throughout the tournament, banquet presentations, and closing ceremonies must be conducted in both French and English, unless all present are fluent in one or the other language


70.  The Directors shall be encouraged to seek a major annual sponsor for the CHPC


71.  The Tournament Director be paid a flat fee to cover incidental expenses for the CHPC as determined by schedule Rates


72.  The Tournament Director be paid an honourarium (for time) as set out by Bylaw Schedule A: Finances


73.  If there is a banquet held in conjunction to a CHPC, that banquet shall not be held until all play is complete.


74.  No trophy presentations will be made until all play at the CHPC is completed.


75.  HC will supply the program, and the Host Club/Province shall supply the required computer hardware and supplies to enable the Tournament Director to create and run the CHPC draw.


76.  “Aide Memoire” cards shall be printed each year and presented to each player.  These card shall highlight the most grievous violations of the Playing Rules which officials notice each year.  The cards shall be printed in both French and English


77.  Each class shall play games at least on two days of the CHPC


78.  The province hosting the CHPC shall submit proof that a liability insurance policy is in place to cover the CHPC.


79.  Score keepers shall be paid pursuant to the Bylaws Schedule  A:  Finances


80.  Judges shall be paid pursuant to the Bylaws Schedule A: Finances.


81.  In a shoe game, if the score is tied after the specified number of shoes, the tie will be broken in the following manner:

A.     Two additional ends (four shoes for each player), alternate pitch with the winner of the last end of regulation shoes pitching first in the first end.

B.     If the game is still tied after the two additional ends, then one end at a time will be played until a winner is declared.  The winner of the last end of regulation shoes shall have the first pitch, with alternate pitching thereafter.


82.  Host to provide keeper trophies and/or plaques for all class winners


83.  For play‑off games, there shall be three courts used:

1.  The centre court for the players

2.  The outside courts for the judges and score keepers.


84.  When players request a judges decision (either for ringers or for single point shoes), both players will move to the back of the court until the judge indicates his decision, at which point in time the judge will return to his station.  Neither the judges nor scorekeepers will converse with the players during the play‑offs.


85.  The Tournament Director may, at his option, appoint a draw master to run the draw during the tournament.  Any honourarium paid to the draw master shall come out of the Tournament Director’s honourarium, and only at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


86.  Score sheets printed by HC be three part carbonless (white, yellow, pink)


87.  Refund of entry fees be given for valid medical reasons at the Tournament Director’s discretion as long as sufficient time has been provided.

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