Canadian Horseshoe Pitchers Yearbook

The Dominion of Canada Horseshoe Pitchers Association first published a Yearbook in June-July 1931, covering the 1930 horseshoe season. It also contained the official rules and some general information (player and volunteer profiles). A reproduction of that rare and informative publication is available on this website.

A few newsletters were published after that but the next Yearbook was to be an initiative of Edward H. Murray. Covering the 1976 season, the book was printed in the winter/spring of 1977. Ed Murray was to be the Editor of the Yearbook until 1986 when he transfered the copyright to Horseshoe Canada. Sharon Ellison was then Editor from 1986-87 to 1990-91, followed by Andre Leclerc who is still the current Editor (Bob Davidson was Editor for 1998-99).

The work initiated by Ed Murray was to become a huge factor in the development of Horseshoe Canada. The Yearbook being one of best way to communicate the information and re-unite the provinces. The Yearbooks are great collector’s items, containing many pictures (lots of action shots), tournament results, profiles, etc…

Here are the cover pages of some of the last editions published:


The last editions contain 92 or 96 pages and more than 100 pictures, with reports on the Canadian, World and Provincial championships, and many more. It can be ordered by contacting the Editor Andre LECLERC or through your provincial representative. The price, which used to be $10, is now $12 per copy payable to Horseshoe Canada.
Previous editions can be obtained through the public relations officer.