HCA formed in 1979

Formation of Horseshoe Canada

Horseshoe Canada is born

by Ed Murray Source: 1989 Yearbook

On July 15, 1979, at precisely 8:00 pm in the Coliseum at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Ontario, a very important event happened. This event would change the course of horseshoe pitching for the remainder of this century. For the first time in history provincial associations, which would affiliate with the national association, would be responsible for sending two voting delegates each to the annual meeting of the national body. The provincial associations would decide by majority vote, how the national association would be run, and the Canadian Championships conducted.

A more democratic organization never existed, except maybe the United Nations. It didn�t matter how big or small a province was, they were each given equal vote, guaranteed under a brand new constitution. This was the birth of Horseshoe Canada. The founder was Jack Adams. It had taken him and his asociates five years (1975 to 1979) to draft this new constitution and pull the provinces together into a cohesive force, unifyed from coast to coast. This constitution guaranteed that no one or two provinces would ever dictate to Horseshoe Canada how things were to be done. And no president or small clique could use dictatorial power over the majority.
Except for a few minor amendments, the voting delegates accepted the draft in its entirety. Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada readily accepted it. The constitution would remain virtually the same over the years.

The officers elected were:
President: Jack Adams, Saskatoon, Sask.
Vice-pres.: Merv Lichty, Waterloo, Ont.
Secr.-Treas.: Jean Markle, Hamilton, Ont.
Richard Lebel of Ottawa was appointed official (French-English) translator for Horseshoe Canada, and Edward Murray of Delmas, Sask., as Public Relations Officer and Director of Information.

Here is a list of the 14 representatives and/or officers of various provincial associations who attended the Annual Executive Meeting in Ottawa. Each province was allowed one vote. Chairman – Jack Adams; secr.-treas. – Jean Markle; Stan and Phyllis Dahl of B.C.; Orval Kelts, Red Deer, Alta; Ed Murray, Delmas, Sask.; Ivens and Lil Reddon, Carberry, Man.; Merv Lichty, Waterloo, Ont.; Fernand and Henriette Dutremble, Sorel, Que.; Richard Lebel, Ottawa; Paul Barrette, Noranda, Que.; Gerard Dion, Victoriaville, Que.; Bob Richey, Halifax, N.S.