2020 Horseshoe Canada Backyard Championship Registration Now Open

The 2020 Horseshoe Canada Backyard Championships was a concept that Horseshoe Canada President Jason Rideout brought forward in early summer to the Horseshoe Canada Executive and Provincial representatives. From the initial meeting, further discussions and tinkering, the 2020 Backyard Championships are a reality!

The 2020 Backyard Championships are open to pitchers who have a 2020 Horseshoe Canada membership and have played in a Canada 20 Tournament, one of the 100 Shoe qualifiers or a local tournament that has been recorded in the Backyard Canstats for 2020.

This tournament is a pre register tournament. Registration form are located below. The tournament is free! Registrations must be submitted to the tournament director, Tom Moffat no later than August 20th. Once all registrations are received, the tournament classes will be released.

The format of the Championships is that pitchers will pitch 7 games of 40 shoes and be responsible for recording their score. It is a count all format. Your games can be pitched in your backyard or at your Club or League pits. Horseshoe Canada scoring rules apply to these games.

The “Mail- In” tournament runs from August 20th to August 31st. A pitcher can pitch their games during this time period and results must be submitted to the the Tournament Director by 11:59 pm on August 31st.

Each class winner will receive a specially designed commemorative patch. Class winners are determined by their win/loss records in their class. Ties will be broken using ringer percentage.

Following the “Mail-In” Tournament, the Grand Championship Round will take place. The eight (8) top pitchers determined by ringer percentage in Mail In play will make up each division: Men, Ladies, Elders 30 Ft., Peewee, Junior Girls and Junior Boys.

The top 8 pitchers in each division will play 7 games of 40 shoes. Their win/loss records will determine the 2020 Horseshoe Canada Backyard Champion in each division.

The Grand Champions will receive a Grand Champion patch and a $50 cash prize from our tournament sponsor, ANR!

Any questions about the tournament can be directed to the Tournament Director Tom Moffat, Horseshoe Canada President Jason Rideout, Dianne Beck or Andre LeClerc.

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