A Horseshoe Canada Update

For Immediate Release

Last evening, the Horseshoe Canada Executive met with representatives from the Provinces to discuss the state of horseshoes in Canada for 2020.  The Provinces represented were BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

First, I want to thank the Provincial representatives and the Horseshoe Canada Executive for their time last evening.  It was a great discussion and I believe that some exciting ideas are coming to bear, and I am excited to discuss some of those with you today.

We learned last evening that each Province has its unique challenges due to COVID-19 and all the Provinces are at different stages in the recovery process.  Because of this reason, the 2020 season will be one of new events and there will be changes to how some things are done to accommodate the regulations in place.  It was a unanimous decision of the folks on the meeting last night that we need to keep moving our sport forward and we need to encourage participation.

Here are some highlights of our meeting last night:

Email/Mail In/Backyard Tournaments

This style of tournament will be the type of tournament that will allow the most people to participate in the times we are in.  These tournaments require the pitcher to use the honour system, record their tournament scores and email the results to the tournament director.  BC President, Tom Moffat, has been running the BC Association Backyard Tournament and is currently running the third Canada 20 Shoe Mail In tournament.  There has been much success.

Horseshoe Canada will encourage these types of tournaments for 2020 and the Provincial representatives felt that these tournaments will likely happen across Canada until regulations open.  I encourage you to get participating when these tournaments become available.

Canstats for 2020

A significant portion of the meeting was used to discussed how Canstats would be utilized in 2020.  Many of the backyard tournaments coming out of the US are being held as sanctioned events where the results count toward Natstats.  In last evening meeting, it was felt that backyard tournaments are having success since people can track their results and their ringer percentage.  There is always concerns of cheating or sandbagging in these types of tournaments, however, we must rely on the integrity of our horseshoe pitchers.

A motion was made to utilize the Canstats platform to record the results of the backyard tournaments.  The motion was made after a detailed discussion with Andre LeClerc.  The motion stated the backyard results would not directly mix with officially sanctioned live tournaments.  The backyard average would be separate from the traditional Canstats average, as the group felt it is important to provide stats to pitchers who are pitching these tournaments this year.  For example, when you look at your Canstats, you will have a listing for your Canstat average and your backyard average.

It was also determined that traditionally sanctioned tournaments will be recorded in Canstats in 2020.  Many Provinces are hoping to hold their Championships late in the summer and this would provide traditional sanctioned tournaments for Canstats.  Traditionally sanctioned tournaments in the past have included doubles and singles tournaments, as well as 100 Shoe Challenges.  These types of tournaments will still be considered traditionally sanctioned tournaments requiring appropriate officiating by the Provincial bodies, or under the direction of Horseshoe Canada.


Horseshoe Canada will still be collecting membership fees from the Provinces for 2020.  For a pitcher to pitch in any backyard style tournament, they must provide proof of membership by supplying a valid 2020 Horseshoe Canada card.  Tournament Directors will be asking for a picture of your membership card prior to the start of the tournament.

The Provincial reps agreed to assist in getting pitchers registered for the 2020 season.  The group also felt that these types of tournaments are a great way to sign new people up for a membership.

Participants signatures on Canadian flag.

2020 Canadian Backyard Championship

The 2020 Canadian Backyard Championship will be coming later this summer.  The first of its kind, the tournament will provide pitchers from across Canada a platform to compete at the highest level.  The CBC may be the first time where we could see the Top 10 pitchers in each class face off in a tournament.  How exciting will that be!

While details are still being worked out, the general framework will see backyard qualifying 100 shoe challenges available throughout the summer.  A pitcher must participate in one of these qualifiers to be eligible to pitch in the Backyard Championship.  Then 8 person classes will be set up for each division, Men, Women, Elders, Juniors and Cadets, like how the Canadian Championships are set up.

Working with the NHPA

I have also been working closely with Dalton Rakestraw, 5th VP of the NHPA on some exciting events and ideas that we will be sharing soon.  These will provide some unique pitching opportunities as well.

In closing, I want to encourage all pitchers to participate in these backyard tournaments and support the unique tournament opportunities that we can provide in 2020.  I am hopeful for Provinces to be able to host their Provincial tournaments or at least a backyard Provincial Championship.  Horseshoe Canada will survive this year because we will adapt to the changes that we are facing.  I understand that change is hard to accept sometimes, however if you embrace change, Horseshoe Canada will not only survive but thrive.

Respectfully submitted,

Jason Rideout


Horseshoe Canada

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